CCA is an accredited community college with campuses in Aurora and Denver Colorado

Assessment of Student Learning


The Assessment of Student Learning Committee

The Assessment of Student Learning Committee is responsible for providing leadership, guidance, education, structure and support to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning at CCA. The committee is charged with insuring that the college is meeting its responsibility to students, the community and other stakeholders for the quality of student outcomes. The committee is also responsible for insuring that the assessment process meets the requirements of accrediting institutions. The committee coordinates with faculty, administration, student services and other departments throughout the college. The committee is responsible to the Academic Planning Committee and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.


  • Manage the Assessment Cycle for Lifelong Learning Assessment Plans and Reports, and Departmental Assessment Plans and Reports.
  • Ensure that stated student learning outcomes are appropriate to the mission, programs and degrees of the college.
  • Evaluate assessment plans and reports and provide feedback and recommendations to assessment plan coordinators.
  • Prepare an annual report for internal and external constituents.
  • Provide assessment training for faculty and staff.
  • Include internal and external stakeholders in assessment planning and communication of results.
  • Educate students on the importance of assessment.
  • Maintain the Assessment website.
  • Insure that CCA’s assessment efforts meet accreditation standards.
  • Work towards national prominence in Assessment.
  • Develop and refine the charter for the committee.


The Assessment Committee consists of a chair from the faculty, volunteer faculty members from the three schools (School of Health Sciences and Public Safety, School of Liberal Arts, School of Professional Studies and Sciences), and ex-officio members from staff. The 2014-2015 members are:

Kelly O'Dell, Chair, Faculty, Psychology
JoAnn Burkhart, Faculty, Computer Science
Michael Carter, Director, Public Safety and Legal Services
Geoff Chadwick, Faculty, Colorado Film School
Vicki Graham, Faculty, Communication
Rhonda Hattar, Faculty, Biology
Chris Tombari, Chair English as a Second Language

Ex-Officio Members

Janet Brandau, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Tamara Conley, Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs
Catherine Trouth, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Chris Ward, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness













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