How to get involved on a commuter campus

_MG_6838When you’re a student, especially one who also has a life outside of school, it’s easy to get stuck in the cycle of work, study, sleep, repeat. But where’s the fun in that?

Campuses without residential facilities, also known as commuter campuses, often have a challenge promoting student life, as many students rush to and from campus for classes only. Though this is practical, even preferable for some people, it also can take a toll on your academics. There has been a correlation made that when students participate in campus activities they have a greater chance at finishing their educational goals, as well as having a more positive self image (Astin, Alexander).

Most educational institutions understand the importance of campus activities and provide many options for students to not only connect with one another and faculty, but also find new interests that can translate into future careers or passions.

CCA firmly comprehends this correlation, and offers a plethora of events, clubs and activities that will encourage engagement, success and will allow students to mingle with like-minded individuals.

The week of October 20-25 boasts a variety of events to help bridge the gap between commuter student and active college participant. Continue reading »

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Exercising your right to vote is no sweat

bigstock-Hand-with-ballot-and-box-on-Fl-31828193As the leaves are changing and the air is chilling, in blows an important, although sometimes dreaded time of year, election season. Peppered through neighborhoods intermingled with pumpkins and festive decorations come political posters and party affiliations. Though often seen as a nuisance, the onslaught of advertisements mark a very important American right – voting.

Every Colorado resident who is eligible to vote, should exercise their civil duty, and help shape their government, but oftentimes people – especially the younger generations – stay home. What some people don’t realize is that voting is easier than ever in 2014. Learn the basics about voting in Colorado below. Continue reading »

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5 types of people that should learn ASL

bigstock-Sunshine-Ok--5033496Using one’s hands to speak is not just reserved to over animated storytellers, rather it is an entire language all its own, allowing everyone, especially those that are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate effectively.

American Sign Language uses hand signs combined with specific facial expressions and body language as a form of communication for the deaf or hard of hearing communities. ASL is the main language for those that are deaf in North America, and some other countries across the globe.

Though ASL is loosely based on spoken English, it is in fact a completely distinctive language. It has its own nuances, grammar and usage. Though body language is often employed in spoken languages, it is merely an accentuation, rather than a major factor in understanding. ASL uses body postures along with signs to signify words, or ideas. For example, when asking a question, the signs will be accompanied by raised eyebrows, a tilted body posture and widened eyes. Continue reading »

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“Tres Vidas” celebrates Hispanic culture through three lives


Cristina Isabel Lucas as Frida Kahlo

In America, September 15 to October 15 marks the observation of National Hispanic Heritage Month. The tradition started in 1968 with Hispanic Heritage Week and in 1988, President Reagan expanded it into a month-long celebration of the history, culture and contribution of those American citizens whose ancestors came from Mexico, Spain, Central and South America. The performance of “Tres Vidas” aligns perfectly in the celebratory month, and will unite art, culture and the struggle in one piece.

In recognition of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Community College of Aurora’s School of Liberal Arts and Office of Student Life will be presenting a production of “Tres Vidas” on October 6, 2014 at 12:30 p.m. in the Larry D. Carter Theater (16000 E. Centretech Parkway, Aurora). The production will celebrate the lives of three influential Latina women: Frida Kahlo, Rufina Amaya and Alfonsina Storni, all of whom will be portrayed by Cristina Isabel Lucas. Music will be provided by The Core Ensemble, specifically through cello, piano and percussion instruments. Continue reading »

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Mastering balance: 4 tips for students with lives

bigstock-Scale-14540582Life itself can be quite the balancing act. With work, friends, family and home it can sometimes seem like too much – throw school in the mix and it’s quite possible to just let everything drop. You don’t have to be a master juggler to manage a productive life; you just need the right tools, some planning and a little guidance.

Manage your stress
One of the biggest productivity and health killers is stress, and when you’re a busy person, stress will pop up at the most inopportune times. Learning to manage and minimize stress is key to enhancing overall quality of life, and believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Everyone deals with stress differently and identifying your stress relievers is an individual task. Some common de-stressers include: exercise, yoga, meditation, personal reading, gardening, or just about anything that you may consider soothing. Making time for activities that will minimize stress levels is a must, but sometimes finding the time is hard, which leads us to the next tool. Continue reading »

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