A CCA Welcome Back Guide

Welcome-ImageWhether you’re a new student or an old pro, the first few days of a new semester can be a whirlwind of activity and have the potential to cause some pretty major stress. Rather than wasting precious time and energy worrying about the details, we want students to focus on their studies, so below is some helpful information that should ease your transition into the new semester.

Campus Resources

There are many resources available to assist CCA students during every step of their educational journey. It’s good to be aware of these options so if you find that you need a little extra help, you know where to turn. Continue reading »

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Finding daily inspiration from MLK

Martin Luther King Jr.As Martin Luther King Jr. Day approaches we’d like to take a moment to reflect and celebrate a man whose profound wisdom and peaceful messages still, to this day, ring relevant and meaningful. Quotes from Dr. King resonate differently with each person, but have truly stood the test of time.

It’s unfortunate that many of the struggles of his day are still occurring over forty years later. But we can take solace and gain instruction from his words today and move forward in the manner that he advised all those years ago. Let’s reflect on some of his famed quotes.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Continue reading »

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Take a glimpse at the future you

Looking into a hand held mirror

As January rolls around people get enthusiastic with their resolutions, but many of those same people let them fall to the wayside because there is no plan in place to achieve their ambitious goals. This is where proper goal setting comes in.  When you set reasonable goals in varying stages, allow for adjustment, and track your progress you are much more likely to follow though. If you set your goals using the following suggestions you may just be exactly where you hoped to be by 2016 and beyond.

Write it out

Now that you’re ready to plan for the next year, five years and fifty years, it’s time to write it down. When you’re writing your goals, ensure that they are written as positive statements, rather than negative. For example, write “I want to be healthy and lose 10 pounds by January 2016” rather than “I want to not be fat.” Time to bust out your pen and pad and get to writing. Continue reading »

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Video games (yes video games) can keep you sharp through the holidays

Girl and boy playing video games at homeAs the semester comes to a close students are studying for finals, registering for classes, writing those last minute papers, planning vacations and are ready for a break from the rigorous school routine. School breaks are necessary to re-energize and refocus, but that doesn’t mean that you should completely slack off. Keeping the brain active when school lets out not only makes for a more rewarding break, but also ensures that the transition into the next semester isn’t spent relearning how to learn.

Keeping your brain in working order doesn’t have to be boring or painful, instead it can be fun and rewarding. From gaming to eating to building, there’s an activity that will be sure to make sure you don’t lose any of your hard earned brainpower.

Play video games

Elevate, a brain game app, was named Apple’s App of the Year for 2014. This brain-training tool increases communication and analytical skills and has been downloaded over five million times. Elevate is not the only game of its kind, as there are many similar games available for phones, computers or tablets. But the gaming benefits aren’t reserved to brain-training games.

When you play action video games you improve hand-eye coordination as well as ensuring that your brain processes multiple kinds of information simultaneously. Puzzle, problem solving games and strategy games challenge your mind while also providing an entertaining experience. So you have permission to game away! Continue reading »

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Get the facts about financing an education

Money and graduation capEveryone knows that getting a solid education is the foundation for a successful future, but paying for it can be challenge for some. Rather than being frightened by the prospect of financing an education, learn the ropes so you can move forward with confidence.  The process doesn’t have to be a bewildering one, especially if you understand it, so let’s break down the key factors.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is simply a term that indicates any assistance provided to help a student pay for their college expenses. This aid is provided by federal and state governments, colleges, foundations, corporations and other entities with students in mind. In order to apply for federal, state financial aid and some private scholarships, a student must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.  Once completed, the options open up for potential monies. Continue reading »

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