Introducing our “How To” video series

Have you ever wondered how people actually solve a Rubik’s Cube? Or maybe you’ve wanted to figure out Microsoft Excel or try a few things in Photoshop. Maybe your computer is just running so slow that you can’t even dream about doing these things — so you just need to know how to keep it running well. Continue reading »

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4 easy tips to be (and stay) motivated

Four easy tips to be motivatedSpring semester is here, and that means it’s time to get back into the routine of classes, homework and studying. There’s just one problem. You just had a month-long break filled with holiday celebrations, and your mind is still foggy from the sugarplums that decided to take residence in your brain. So how do you get yourself motivated again? Continue reading »

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6 Important Tips for Job Hunters: Part 2 – International Job Hunters

6 tips for international job huntersThis is the second part of a two-part series. In the last post, I introduced 3 important tips for job hunting. In this post, I’ll discuss specific tips for international job hunters.

English and bilingual skills
English is, and will always be one of the biggest challenges for international students. Even if you have been studying English at school, it is still difficult to use a second language as well as native speakers.

Please don’t get frustrated. What you need to realize is that English is NOT the only skill that employers look for. Continue reading »

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6 Important Tips for Job Hunters: Part 1

6 tips for job huntersThis is part one of a two-part series.  3 tips are presented here, and 3 tips specific to international job hunters will be presented in my next post.

The first question that comes to mind when job hunting is: where can we begin to look for jobs? We all know we can use the Internet, but it’s not that simple, and it’s certainly not enough. Many people submit their resumes to posted jobs, day after day, but never hear back from employers. Why? Continue reading »

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Should algebra be a required course?

Should algebra be a required courseThe ‘real world’ argument
Whether it is algebra, the use of calculators to do arithmetic, or open book exams (or even multiple attempts at exams to show proficiency), I am hearing more and more of what I call the ‘real world’ criteria that is being applied to math curriculum. That is, what happens in a classroom should mirror the ‘real world’, and as such if a competency will never be used by an individual, then they should not be held back in getting a degree/diploma because of it. While I do support the notion that there are many individuals who can have long and happy careers without ever using algebra, I do believe that having such an educational policy does not take into account a long term view. Continue reading »

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