CCA is an accredited community college with campuses in Aurora and Denver Colorado

About Us

CCA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to supporting the success of Community College of Aurora (CCA) in its commitment to student success and high quality education.  CCA Foundation works closely with and supports the efforts of CCA by obtaining and administering meaningful funding for CCA, while advocating for and advancing CCA’s mission and brand.

Research suggests that a lack of financial resources is the number one reason people are unable to attain a higher education.  CCA Foundation is asking you to invest in CCA in a way that suits your philanthropic goals and financial circumstances to help remove that financial barrier to a transformative education. 

You may invest in the work of CCA through outright donations, which can be put to work immediately, or with planned or deferred donations, which mature to benefit the college at a later date.  An endowment is one of the most powerful ways in which you can support CCA as annual income generated by an endowment provides a continuous, reliable resource stream for the future. CCA Foundation has also established an extensive scholarship program for CCA students.

You are invited to join us as a partner helping CCA fulfill its mission to serve a diverse population by providing high quality instruction and support services to prepare students for transfer and employment.

Gene Sobczak
Executive Director
Cathy Berdon
Director of Development

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