CCA is an accredited community college with campuses in Aurora and Denver Colorado

Where's my Refund? Scenario 2: Standard Online Classes

Fall 2014 Scenario for Standard Online Classes

Please Note: This outlines a typical scenario; dates may vary due to several reasons specific to each student.  Make sure that you have checked your Financial Aid Status before reviewing the information below.

CCA Online & CCCOnline Classes begin September 2, 2014

Census dates:
CCA Online - September 17
CCCOnline - September 17
(Last day to drop with a refund)

September 22
Financial Aid will start disbursing funds to the Cashier’s office

September 26
Funds are uploaded to Higher One

September 26
Student receives funds if "Same Day Deposit to Higher One" was selected by the student as their preferred refund method

Each Friday after September 26
If there was a delay in disbursement for a specific student, that student's refund will become available on a Friday after September 26


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