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How do I study for my test?

CCA offers study guides that were built by us for the students. In addition, we regularly offer pre-assessment workshops in Math and English to refresh your memory and help you do your best on the assessment. We also provide a Math online pre-assessment video available for download at any time. Click on the links below for detailed information.


Eat well, sleep well, test well! When studying for mid-terms or finals, some of us tend to forget our basic needs. We spend as much time as we can in our books, eating on the go and pulling all-nighters. Having a good life balance is crucial to college success. Don’t forget to eat healthy and get enough sleep! Sleep helps you consolidate your long-term memory (where you store your knowledge) and a full belly helps you focus on course content, not on your rambling stomach. Visit for quick, easy meals and for tips on how to fall asleep easily!

Become the teacher! Pair up with a friend from your class and discuss the subject matter. Try to explain concepts to each other. If you can explain course content to a friend, chances are you master it. If you realize you can’t quite get it right, meet with meet with your instructor and have it explained to you again before your exam.   

Take breaks! Your brain cannot stay focused on a task for long periods of time. If you work on the same task for too many hours, your productivity will decrease. Take short breaks after 25-30 minutes of work to stay focused! For more tips, read about the Pomodoro technique:

Make a plan! Compile all the deadlines from all of your classes and enter them in your planner. Plan ahead and write notes for when to start working on a paper or project, or study for an exam. This will help you avoid cramming at the last minute!

Get involved! Learning is an active process. Participate in your classes and you will realize that you retain a lot more information. A few ways to get involved:

  • Say something  if you feel like your instructors are moving too fast for you or if you don’t understand what is being said.
  • After class or during a break, ask questions to your instructor or to classmates if you are confused about something.
  • If your class includes group discussions, participate as much as you can, you will benefit from it.
  • Introduce yourself to your instructors. It will make it easier to interact and ask questions afterwards.



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