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Artist Statement

Graced with an artistic family, my creativity was always nurtured. Both my father and aunt made jewelry and although I learned various metal work and beading methods from them, I am primarily self- taught and have experienced an array of jewelry making techniques. In my youth, I found the creative process to be meditative, through which another calling emerged; I became a full-time pre-school teacher and began devoting my professional life to working with families and children. This career is not as dissimilar to jewelry making as some may think, both have strong healing components.

Through the years, my path shifted from direct services aiding abused children, to legislative work, to family services administration. Alongside that journey, I continually explored my passion for creating jewelry and informally studied silversmithing and lost wax casting. In 2003, I left my twenty-five year career and began to teach others how to create wearable art, as well as to prolifically handcraft my own imaginative designs.

While creating, I almost merge with the metal, feel how it forms, how it moves. I am hypnotized by stones and beads, when their colors and textures harmonize with the metals; they culminate with a sense of splendor, nature and synchronicity. I do most metal fabrication by hand. Some may find my technique archaic, but I find that less use of machinery and more use of my hands allows me to intricately connect with my art, as well as to lend it the originality of my spirit… Moreover, I acknowledge that my crafts "woman" ship is more than of my own hands, but foremost comes from above. While creating, I intuitively "let go" and journey into another realm, trusting the Creator. It is at that point, for me, that true art comes alive...

When teaching jewelry making, I teach from the perspective that everyone can be creative, they just need to be open to tapping into that side of themselves. In class, each person's abilities and ideas are celebrated and nurtured, which creates an environment of comfort and inspiration. When blended, these ingredients can become the foundation of quality, expressive, unique, hand-crafted adornments! In turn, students who may have initially doubted their artistic abilities, who may have been reluctant or fearful, often walk away feeling "at home" in the energy illuminating from the pieces they've created.


MSW - Sacramento State University - Sacramento, California

BA - Communications - State University of New York at Geneseo


♦ 5280, Editor's Choice Award for "2009 Top local Jewelry Designer"
♦ Represented by the Denver and Taos Art Museums & several other galleries, museums & boutiques locally & abroad
♦ My work is held in the private collections of Emmy award winning news anchor Asha Blake, internationally known movie critics "The Reel Sisters", as well as Louis Vuitton master calligrapher Hilary Brendemuhl.


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