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Art Degrees and Programs

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CCA's Art & Design department has something for everyone. Take one class or earn a degree!

Our present offerings are:
    A.A.S. in Graphic Design
    A.A.S. in Graphic Storytelling
    Web Tools Certificate

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Although we do not yet offer degrees or certificates, be sure to check out these additional areas of study: Digital Photography, Jewelry Design, Ceramics, and Illustration.

The three general areas of study encompassing all programs and courses are Illustration, Design, and Fine Arts. The department curricular core consists of Creativity, Drawing, Design, Marketing, and Technology.


Additional Information about Art Degrees

Art schools prepare students for exciting jobs in the creative field. But it’s important that the art degree meets all critical needs.

Developing students and artists who: create market-ready work, understand and use the creative process, are well-equipped to enter the university or the marketplace, and demonstrate leadership, is at the core of the art program at Community College of Aurora, one of the premier community colleges in Denver.

In order to prepare students for an Associate (A.A. or A.A.S.) Degree in art or design, which they may transfer to a university for a Bachelors Degree (B.A.) or Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (B.F.A.), the Art and Design Department at Community College of Aurora has developed a curriculum path that results in a Foundation Studies Certificate. The Foundation Studies Certificate gives art college students a rigorous foundation in the core areas of drawing, creativity, design, technology, and presentation. The underlying philosophy is to to encourage foundational excellence, experimentation, process, and best studio practices.

The Foundation Studies Certificate is unique among many art certificates in that it’s modeled after the first year of many art and design colleges and their degree programs that require students to complete a foundational curriculum before they can specialize in a specific area. This art certificate gives the student a foundational understanding in core concepts, principles, and tools. It also offers students in this Denver community college arts school an opportunity to explore the creative fields and their own strengths before determining a specific direction.

The result of the Foundation Studies Certificate is a portfolio and the completion of eight core classes (Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Creativity and Visual Thinking, 2D Design, 3D Design, 4D Design, Art History 1, and Art History 2) that are easily transferred to a four-year Bachelor's Degree program and art degree of the student’s choice.

There are many art and design degree options following the completion of the Foundation Studies Certificate. With the completed portfolio and experience in CCA’s art school program, students may take the following steps based on their goals:

  • Articulate into a B.A. or B.F.A. degree program within any artistic discipline, possibly starting as a sophomore.
  • Continue taking general education courses toward the A.A. Fine Art Plan of study or the A.A. Degree of Designation in Studio Art.
  • Declare a degree and begin taking classes toward the A.A.S. of their choice here at Community College of Aurora.

Degrees and Certificate Opportunities through the Art and Design Department at Community College of Aurora:

  • Certificate of Foundation Studies
  • Associate of Arts Degree, Fine Art Plan of Study
  • Associate of Arts, Degree of Designation in Studio Art
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design
    • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design with an Emphasis in Web Design
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Illustration
    • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Illustration with an emphasis in Graphic Storytelling
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Fine Art
    • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Fine Art with an Emphasis in Jewelry Design
    • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Fine Art with an Emphasis in Photography
    • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Fine Art with an Emphasis in Painting

At the Art and Design Department at Community College of Aurora, we believe in a philosophy of experiential learning. Each degree or certificate in our program ensures the best training among Denver, Colorado community colleges. It will include some type of experience in the field. The Fine Art degree will include the gallery management class where students work in our gallery and learn about the fine art field. Students in the graphic design degree program will have an opportunity to work in a design studio environment, and complete real life projects for the college and the community. Illustration degree-seeking students will have internship opportunities to work on books or other projects.

Whatever the students’ art and design degree plan and goals, CCA is a smart choice. All art degrees aren’t the same and obtaining an art degree at one of the premier Denver, Colorado community colleges will help to rigorously prepare students for the next step.

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