CCA is an accredited community college with campuses in Aurora and Denver Colorado

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In Colorado, computers and information technology are big business. In fact, four of the top five fastest-growing occupations in Colorado are computer-based. CCA collaborates with local and national businesses to ensure that our programs meet the needs of the workforce both today and tomorrow.

The Computer Science Department at CCA boasts experienced professionals with steep backgrounds in the information technology field. Our full gamut of course offerings span hardware technology all the way through investigative techniques used in computer forensics to solve cybercrimes.

We offer courses for the beginner just discovering how computers can impact their lives and careers, to advanced courses meant for working professionals looking to enhance their resume and keep up with the latest trends.

So, whether you are interested in learning the ins and outs of a single software suite such as Microsoft Office, administering computer networks, writing software using modern languages for client-server, web or mobile applications, or working towards eventual certification in the most arduous security protocols like CISSP, we can provide the necessary tools to succeed.

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