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Integrated Nursing Pathway Prerequisites

The prerequisites (required courses taken prior to the program) are listed below. These courses cannot be over 10 years old at the time of application. For example, if applying in 2014, a course that was taken in 2003 would be too old. All prerequisite courses must be in progress or completed by the time of application to the program. A grade of C or higher is required for a prerequisite to be satisfied. The prerequisites may be taken in any order, however it is suggested that:

  • algebra be taken prior to chemistry;

  • biology and chemistry not be taken in the same semester, in the summer, or online;

  • prerequisites should be finished the semester of application. The exception is one three-credit course which may be taken during the summer after application. That class cannot be used to increase GPA. If accepted and the summer class grade lowers the GPA below 3.0, offer of acceptance will be rescinded; and

  • if an art class is taken, it cannot be performance based.

Course Number
Course Name
Credit Hours
BIO 111
General College Biology
ENG 121
English Comp. I
MAT 121
College Algebra
SOC 101
Intro to Sociology
CHE 101
Intro to Chemistry I with Lab
PSY 101
General Psychology
MAT 135/179
Intro to Statistics/Comp. Apps*
3 or 4
ANT 101
Cultural Anthropology
Must be a Guaranteed Transfer Course

*This is a co-requisite class if taken on campus. If taken online, student can only register for MAT 135.

Note: Foreign language is not a prerequisite of program. 


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