CCA is an accredited community college with campuses in Aurora and Denver Colorado

Paralegal Faculty, Advisory Committee, & Contact Information

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  • Erik Cansler, J.D.
  • Lisa Covington, J.D.
  • Susan Harris, J.D.
  • Neal Huffman
  • Frank Moschetti, J.D.
  • Carolyn O'Hara, J.D.
  • Debra Porter, J.D.
  • Alex Reinhardt, J.D.
  • Robin Rossenfeld, J.D.
  • Doug Rossi, J.D.
  • Anthony Tilger, J.D.
  • Tim Wilkerson, J.D.

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Advisory Committee:

(Section currently under construction)

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Contact Information:

Margaret Ann Uchner, J.D.
Legal Studies Program Coordinator
Paralegal and Criminal Justice