Student Government Association

Student Government Association

We commit ourselves to represent the students of the Community College of Aurora and to serve as advocates for the enrichment of student life.
The student body of Community College of Aurora is increasingly diverse and we commit ourselves to serve all members of the student body to the best of our abilities.
We are committed to actively learning student needs and addressing them in the most ethical, effective, caring, and efficient manner possible.
We commit ourselves to a policy that all students shall have equal access to our programs and can participate in student government without discrimination on the basis of color, national origin, religion, veteran status, sexual orientation, sex, handicap or age.
Fall/Spring Meeting Schedule      
9/13/13 11-1p  CentreTech - S100    Meeting Notes
9/27/13 11-1p  Lowry- Wes112       Meeting Notes
10/11/13 11-1p  CentreTech - S100  Meeting Notes
10/26/13 11-1p Lowry - Wes112   Meeting Notes
11/9/13  11-1p  CentreTech - S100   Meeting Notes
12/13/13  11-1p  CentreTech - S100   Meeting Notes
01/24/14  11-1p  Lowry - Wes112   Meeting Notes
02/14/14  11-1p  CentreTech - S100   Meeting Notes
02/28/14 11-1p  CentreTech - S100  Meeting Notes
03/14/14  11-1p  CentreTech - S100   Meeting Notes 
04/04/14  11-1p  CentreTech - S100   Meeting Notes
04/25/14  11-1p CentreTech - S100   Meeting Notes



Vote here for the 2014/2015 school year Student Government Association Officers

2013.14 Executive Board Officers:

Janelle Jenkins
Claudio Baca
Desiree Mayberry
Brittany Beach
Anthony Martin
SSAC Treasurer
Laynie Villagomez
Aneyka Reyna


SGA Brochure

Awards are up to five credit hours per semester (about $580) for Executive positions and one credit hour (about $140) for Senators

Must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher
Must be enrolled in a minimum of   6 credit hours
Must attend two SGA meetings before applying
Executives must work 20 hours a semester/Senators must work 5 hours a semester
Must attend all SGA Executive and General Meetings

Applications for Executive or Senator positions can be found by logging into MyCCA, Campus Life, Student Government.

Contact Us:  303-340-7525 or




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