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I moved to the United States in 2016 from the Dominican Republic. The reason I moved here was to join my… ›
June 2020 - Xcel Energy Foundation has awarded a $15,000 grant to the Community College of Aurora to continue the college’s work…
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What is a Hispanic-Serving Institution?

The Community College of Aurora was designated a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) in 2016. To receive this designation, institutions must have an undergraduate Hispanic full-time equivalent student enrollment of 25 percent or more. At CCA, more than 30 percent of the student population identifies as Latinx, and about 1 in 16 students who graduate are Latinx students.

As an HSI designated institution, CCA can apply for federal grant funding to assist in strengthening and expanding our programs, facilities, and services for Latinx students and other minoritized populations.

While the term Hispanic is used in the designation, Latinx is the more commonly term used at CCA. Hispanic is a government-designated term used in the U.S. to refer to people of origin or ancestry from Spanish-speaking countries. Latinx is the term that affirms people who do not identify in the gender-binary of the Spanish language. Language and geographic location are what separate Hispanic from Latinx.

At CCA, we work diligently to offer academic services, financial aid, and co-curricular events to our Latinx and other minoritized students.

For more information, contact us at hsi.cca@ccaurora.edu

How to Get Started

Further your career, or get started on a new career. Start your education and transfer for a Bachelor’s degree, or continue your education and get the job training and re-training you need. Save thousands of dollars on education costs compared to state and private four-year universities. Earn more money each week, year after year. For these and other reasons, community college may be for you.

Start here, finish there: Guaranteed transfer to a university
Community College of Aurora makes it easy for graduates who have earned an associate of arts or science degree, or one of our articulated degrees, to seamlessly transfer their credits into a Bachelor's degree program with an accredited Colorado university.

Earn more money
Associate degree holders earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more than those that only hold a high school diploma. In fact, most studies place the figure around $8,000 per year or $400,000 more over a lifetime. A recent study showed that for every dollar students invest in CCA, they receive $3.70 in higher future income over the course of their working careers – a 370% return on investment.

Save on costs
Completing your first two years of college at CCA and then transferring to a four-year school for your Bachelor’s will save you thousands of dollars on your education. After college, you can start your life and career with less debt weighing you down.

More than 40 areas of degrees and certificates
Choose from a vast array of degrees and certificates including areas of Science, Business, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Psychology, General Education, EMS training, EMT certification, Computer Security, and many more.

Convenient class times, days and online options to fit your schedule
Learn at your convenience with campuses in Aurora and Denver as well as online college classes. This allows you to customize your education based on your learning style and schedule and allows you to launch your career at your own pace.

Shorter degree programs get your career moving quickly
Continue your education, begin your career, or jumpstart a new career faster than expected with the many shorter degree programs and college certificate programs available.

Smaller class sizes make for an intimate learning environment
Get the personal attention you deserve with our smaller class sizes. This will help you build a relationship with your professor as well as other students and keep you moving in your chosen degree or certificate program.

Active campus with many clubs and ways to keep you involved
With the opportunity to join a multitude of campus activities from co-ed sports and student government to program-specific clubs and associations, Community College of Aurora offers more than you might expect to keep you involved in our community.



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