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The CCA CARE Team is a referral source for members of the CCA community to share student behaviors of concern. The CARE Team is designed to respond to and assess student referrals and provide holistic support. The goal of the CCA CARE Team is to offer resolutions that promote wellness, safety, success, and retention. 

The CCA Care Team achieves its mission by: 

  • Building awareness about behaviors of concern and the referral process 
  • Supporting students holistically and helping them develop self-advocacy 
  • Facilitating behavioral interventions that are both caring and preventative 
  • Being available to students and their families 
  • Providing consultation and support to CCA faculty/instructors, staff, and administration 
  • Recommending guidelines to the college community regarding behaviors of concern to self and others  

We encourage you to contact the team if you have concerns about student behavior which you have observed in your classroom or other locations on campus. There is an online referral form available for your use. You can also make a referral in person, by phone or through email.

If you feel that the behavior you are observing poses an immediate threat or danger to self or others contact Security: CentreTech Campus: 303-360-4727. Lowry Campus: 303-419-5557 or dial 911.

For immediate attention contact the CARE Team through Beau Green, (303) 360-4922,, or Reyna Anaya, (303) 360-4721,

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