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Phi Theta Kappa Completion Challenge

Phi Theta Kappa is committed to actively encouraging completion of a college credential, an associate degree or certificate, among community college students.

Start here. Finish there.

Why Complete Community College?

1. Earn More.
Students who complete their associate degree or certificate can expect to earn as much as $8,000 more per year and about $400,000 more in a lifetime than a high school graduate.

2. Edge Out The Competition.
People change jobs up to 10 times in their working lives – and when you are job-hunting, a college credential will always give you an edge.

3. Keep Your Job.
Unemployment for community college graduates is typically 30 percent lower than for high school grads.

4. Make Transferring Easy.
Many state college systems have articulation agreements that guarantee transfer of community college credits when associate degree students enter state universities. You’ll save time and money by not having to repeat courses or take courses you did not know you needed.

5. Accomplish Your Goal And Prove It.
Employers, scholarship officials and transfer recruiters value the ability to set a goal and accomplish it. By obtaining your credential you'll not only accomplish your goal, but you'll have something to show for it.

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We are committed to college completion! Will you commit?

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