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Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment Committee 2016-17

What's New in Assessment:

The Assessment Committee has been leading the charge to incorporate course-level assessment into CCA's assessment practices. Areas of the college that hadn't been previously assessing the course content aspect of student learning created new plans and programs highlighting course level objectives in respect to what CCA students are learning. These new course-level assessments were implemented in the Fall 2014 semester. 

CCA Assessment Model

Results from the 2015-2016 Assessment Cycle

In the School of Liberal Arts:

The Behavioral Sciences department created a collective online learning management shell through which faculty can share lessons and activities. As the instructors are implementing and assessing new techniques to deliver the material in their classes, they can upload their own best practices that have resulted in improvement so other instructors can easily access the material.

The English department created a list of action items to address areas of weakness, including assignments to be implemented within the courses and uploading examples for instructors to use in their own D2L shell.

ESL faculty worked with English faculty to determine which competencies to focus on to ensure student success in college-level English courses.

After finding the previous standardized assessment approach did not appropriately measure student learning in the varied disciplines within the Social Sciences department, History, Geography, Anthropology, and Political Science each created unique assessment plans that focus on summative assessment.

Assessment data led to the redesign of two Spanish courses to increase student success within these courses.

 In the School of Professional Studies and Sciences:

Results found by the Math department informed the development of specialized pathways guided by student needs and the creation of a modeling based College Algebra course.

In Biology, the creation of a study guide for students to prepare for the final exam was driven by the assessment findings from the previous cycle.

The Business department used current discipline research to create multidimensional plans in all their courses that not only measure the course and program level outcomes, but are also intended to assess the critical skills outlined in the industry research.

Due to discoveries made after the last assessment cycle, the Criminal Justice department is examining the pathways they use to train students to determine if it’s best to mainstream students with just a high school diploma in courses with students who have had previous college experience.

The Colorado Film School continually measures important program goals in all their classes and implement new assignments based on those results.

The Allied Health department created new assessment plans for the Integrated Nursing Pathway, Phlebotomy, and Nurse Aid programs.

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