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Enrollment Summaries

Note: Most of the files available for download are PDFs.  You can download the current version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader that will allow you to open and read these files by clicking here.

Fiscal Year 2017 Headcount: 11,015

Fall 2017 Headcount: 7,632 (as of September 12, 2017)

  Most Current Trend Data Trend Data
 Fall Enrollment Summary  Profile  Headcount  FTE
 Summer Enrollment Summary  Profile  Headcount  FTE
 Spring Enrollment Summary  Profile  Headcount  FTE
 Annual Enrollment Summary  Profile  Headcount  FTE

 Trends for Concurrent Enrollment Students and College Students

Concurrent Enrollment (students taking college-level courses in their high schools) has grown at CCA since the 2009-10 Academic Year, from less than 500 students in 2009-10, to over 3,000 students in the 2016-17 Academic Year.   The trend tables below highlight trends among these students, as well as trends among the CCA students who are college students when the high school students taking courses at their high schools have been removed from the data.

  Fall Spring Annual
College Headcount Headcount Headcount
Concurrent Headcount Headcount Headcount
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