Hispanic Serving Institution Facts

What is a Hispanic Serving Institution?

Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) are accredited, degree-granting, not for profit institutions of higher education with a full-time undergraduate student enrollment that is at least 25% Latinx. Eligibility designation as an HSI is provided under Title V of the Higher Education Act. In 2017, 13.8% of postsecondary institutions were designated as HSIs.

CCA was designated as an HSI in 2017, meaning that the school can apply for federal grant funding to assist in strengthening institutional programs, facilities, and services to expand the educational resources and opportunities for Latinx students and other minoritized populations. While the term "Hispanic" is used in the grant, Latinx is more commonly used at CCA.


National General Data
  • 56.7 million Latinx in the US—3.5 million in Puerto Rico, making up 17.6% of the US population.
  • 33.3% of Latinx 25 and over have not completed high school compared to 6.7% of whites.

Latinx Students at CCA

30% of students at CCA are LatinX compared with 32% who are white, 20% who are black, and 9% that are Asian
College Personnel 10 percent of staff at CCA are Latinx
  • 10% of CCA's 571 faculty and staff self-identify as Latinx, 4% of which is instructional and 6% staff.
Aurora Latinx Population and Education Data
  • 37.1% of Aurora residents have an Associates degree or higher.
  • 28.8% of Aurora's population self-identify as Latinx
National Education Data
  • 62.5% of Latinx high school graduates (16-24) were enrolled in college, compared to 68.3% for whites.
  • 49.6% of Latinx undergraduate students attend 2-year institutions.
Graduation Rates at CCA

6.2 graduates of CCA are LatinX

  • 6.2% of Latinx students graduate from CCA with a certificate or degree compared with 10.3% for whites.
  • 1 in 16 graduates from CCA are Latinx
Top Degrees Awarded to Latinx Students at CCA The top degree earned by Latinx students is Business which accounts for 7% of degrees earned by Latinx students followed by Psychology with 4% and Criminal Justice with 3%
Top Certificates Awarded to Latinx Students at CCA

The certificate that Latinx students earn most is EMT Basic - 14% of Latinx students earn a EMT Basic certificate, followed by 13% for general business and 10% for Law Enforcement

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