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Inclusive Excellence

You matter. You are valued. You belong.

CCA is a community that is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion through Inclusive Excellence. We can only achieve this together.

CCA embraces Inclusive Excellence because we want our students, staff, and faculty to learn and contribute within an inclusive environment. This means members of our College community will be active, respectful, and mindful of equity, diversity, and inclusion at all levels of engagement. Inclusive Excellence will provide a foundation for student and institutional success.

Recognizing our diversity is only the first step toward Inclusive Excellence. We must also be intentional in valuing cultural differences and experiences, while incorporating them into practices, curricula, and policies. The CCA community will be transformed through the following actions:

  • Create an Inclusive Excellence plan        
  • Incorporate evidence-based and inclusive teaching strategies and curricula in the classroom
  • Provide high quality, inclusive, and responsive programming and services outside the classroom
  • Assess and evaluate the practices, policies, and outcomes of the College for inclusiveness
  • Provide intentional faculty and staff professional development that focuses on the implementation of Inclusive Excellence
  • Communicate support and direction for Inclusive Excellence through institutional leaders
  • Identify, prioritize, and allocate resources that support Inclusive Excellence
  • Foster a climate for open dialogue
  • Facilitate opportunities for cross-cultural interaction

According to the Association of American Colleges & Universities Inclusive Excellence is:

“ active process through which colleges and universities achieve excellence in learning, teaching, student development, institutional functioning, and engagement in local and global communities” (AACU, 2016, para. 2).

References: Association of American Colleges & Universities. (2016). Making excellence inclusive.


CCA is the College where everyone is respected, supported, and included.


The council is committed to fostering equity, diversity, and inclusive excellence based on purposeful communication and creating opportunities for transformation.


SINCERE, respectful and equity-minded

ENGAGED, high expectations and promoting growth

STRATEGIC, intentional and transparent

RESPONSIVE, valuing people and culturally relevant

EDUCATIONAL, learning opportunities to engage and retain

Other terms to consider: Respectful, Supportive, Exceptional,Purposeful, Conscious, Diversity

Council Meetings

Council meetings are held every 3rd Friday of the Month (see below). During Council meetings we provide opportunities for professoinal development in creating more inclusive and equitable campus environments during the first hour which is open to anyone on campus to participate. The second hour of the meeting is closed to Council members to conduct business. 

Upcoming Meetings, 10:30am-12:30pm 

Date Location
October 20th Centertech Campus (C106)
November 17th Lowry Campus (WQ 109)
December 15th Centertech Campus (C106)
January 19th Lowry Campus (WQ 109)
February 16th Centertech Campus (C106)
March 16th Lowry Campus (WQ 109)
April 20th Centertech Campus (C106)
May 18th Lowry Campus (WQ 109)







Inclusive Excellence Council

If you are a faculty or staff member interested in joining the IE Council, please complete the Intent to Participate Form.

Leadership Team

Comprised of two faculty, five full-time staff, and one student, this team represents different backgrounds, educational and work experiences, diversity, and longevity at the institution. As a team, their goal is to intentionally and strategically focus on education, training, and development for campus. Members of the Leadership Team are:

Quill Phillips, Chair of Inclusive Excellence Council and Special Assistant to the President for Inclusive Excellence 

Inclusive Excellence Student Council President-Vacant

Dr. Jennifer Dale, Department Chair – Behavioral Sciences

H. Ray Keith, Director of Instructional Intervention and Support

Katie Gutierrez Nittmann-Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs/Special Projects Coordinator

Felicia Sena Admissions Specialist, CenterTech Campus

Robley Welliver, Faculty – English

To learn more, contact or Quill Phillips at or 303-360-4822.

Upcoming Meetings, 10:30am-12:30pm 

Campus Initiatives

Climate Survey


Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan 

Upcoming Events






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