IE for CCA Employees

IE Training Opportunities for CCA Employees

A variety of IE training opportunities are provided for CCA employees. Training is focused on building knowledge and skills in current IE best-practices for community colleges to better serve our students. Below are descriptions of the training offered at CCA. 


Inclusive Pedagogy Trainings for Faculty & Instructors

Pedagogy trainings are offered for faculty and instructors to support and further develop their knowledge and skills to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in curriculum, teaching, and the overall classroom environment. Inclusive pedagogy trainings are typically offered twice a semester (October/November and March/April).

For more information: Inclusive Pedagogy Training Background Descriptions. 


Inclusive Excellence Council Professional Development

The IE Council meets every 3rd Friday of each month from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. The first hour (i.e., 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.) is open to all CCA employees for professional development and does not require an RSVP. The topic can cover a range of concepts and issues related to Inclusive Excellence in and out of the classroom. 


                             Upcoming Tranings (11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)



December 21

Lowry Campus (WQ 112)

January 18

CentreTech Campus Rotunda (S100)

February 15

Lowry Campus (WQ 112)

March 15

Lowry Campus (WQ 112)

April 19

CentreTech Campus Rotunda (S100)

May 17

Lowry Campus (WQ 112)









IE Champion Trainings

Inclusive Excellence Champion Trainings at the CCA is an initiative that has been created as a response to the College’s equity goals in the current strategic plan, as well as align with the values of the institution. This training program will support employees with increasing their knowledge, awareness, and skills regarding diversity and inclusion concepts and practices that can support and affirm the success and identities of all students. The training will consist of six 3-hour workshops and will be conducted every semester. Two tracks are offered, and employee track and a leadership track.

Employee Track

This training will provide applicable ways to incorporate Inclusive Excellence in employee roles with supporting students and creating inclusive and equitable work environments. 

Leadership Track

This track is for employees in administrative, director, or supervisory roles and incorporates strategies of how to include Inclusive Excellence concepts into leadership responsibilities. Both tracks will receive the same content and will work towards the same outcomes for each session. 

For more information: Inclusive Excellence Champion Training Program Description.     


Equity in Instruction Leadership Academy (ELA)

Equity in Instruction Leadership Academy (ELA) is currently offered to full-time faculty and department chairs. This is an effort housed in Academic Affairs that Council members support. The purpose of ELA is to give faculty an opportunity to explore their student completion and success equity data in a course of their choosing with their peers. This is a cohort model where 5-6 faculty spend an entire semester examining their data, exploring strategies to close their equity gaps between students of color and white students, examine their classroom tasks, norms, and culture to create more equitable outcomes and more inclusive classrooms. This is offered during both semesters and we are entering our fourth semester of this Academy.

For more information: Equity in Instruction Leadership Academy Description. 


Request a Training 

The Inclusive Excellence Council offers a variety of trainings for students, faculty, staff, and departments. The trainings offered are intended to increase the knowledge, awareness, and skills regarding diversity, inclusion, and social justice concepts and practices that can support and affirm the success and identities of all students and employees at CCA. We require training requests be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested date. You will be contacted shortly after you submit your request.

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Employee Affinity Groups

Employee affinity groups are available to any CCA employee who self-identifies with the group. Follow the link for more information about each affinity group at CCA.

Black Faculty and Staff Umoja/Unity Group

Latinx Faculty & Staff Association


LGBTQA+ Task Force 

For more information, you can visit the LGBTQA+ Task Force Webpage using the folloing link: or contact the group using the information below.

Contact Information:

Kate Noon-Ulvila, 303-340-7516,

David Murphy, 303-360-4932,

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