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Office of Institutional Research (IR)

About IR

Learn about the Institutional Research Strategic Plan for 2019-2024 as well as the IR Staff. 

Data Dictionary

IR has been working with the CCA Data Advisory Committee on a set of definitions to help with understanding terms commonly used in IR reports.  It is a living document that will be updated frequently with new terms or clarification for existing terms.  The CCA Data Advisory Committee will continue to advise IR on adding terms and modifying definitions for clarity and understanding.  If you have any requests for terms to be added to the Data Dictionary, please contact the IR department. 

Fact Sheet

Learn more about CCA with the fact sheet, which provides an overview of CCA as a whole and characteristics of our institution. 

Fact Book

The Fact Book includes general information about CCA as well as data by academic period. While the complete Fact Book is updated annually, data by academic period is updated regularly and can be found below by clicking on Enrollment Summaries or Student Achievement Data.

IR Request Form

CCA faculty, staff, and instructors can request more data about CCA.


Qualtrics Resource Page  

CCA faculty, staff, and instructors can refer to this page for more information about the Qualtrics survey platform.




Internal Data for Faculty and Staff

Faculty, staff, and instructors can access more data about CCA by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the MyCCA portal and log in.
  2. Click on the "Resources" tab.
  3. Visit the Institutional Research portlet. (found on the bottom right side)
  4. Click on the "CCA Internal Data for Faculty and Staff" link.


Public Data


Enrollment Data

  • Enrollment Summaries: Profiles of our students and trends of our enrollment over time as interactive Tableau dashboards and PDFs.
  • Common Data Set: Common Data Set files for CCA.

Student Achievement Data

CCA's Service Area and the City of Aurora Data

Community College System and State Reports

CCA Research Procedures

If you are planning to conduct research on CCA students, faculty, or staff, please consult the document below. For more information on conducting research, please contact Dr. Hyekyung Lee (


CCA Survey Procedures

If you are planning to conduct a survey given to CCA students, faculty, or staff, please read the CCA Survey Procedures handout below. For more information on conducting surveys, please contact Dr. Adam Blanford (


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