Emergency Code Blue Phones

Purpose and Use
An Emergency Code Blue Phone is a safety device provided by the Colorado Community College System Lowry Campus. There are a total of 16 Code Blue phones placed in readily available areas on campus for easy accessibility.

Each Code Blue phone has a red emergency button, that when pressed, will automatically dial 911. Cooperation is essential to help maintain the integrity of the emergency code blue phone system. These phones should be used only for actual or perceived emergency situations.
To operate the phones, simply press the red button. 911 Dispatch will answer the call.

All emergency phones are tested for functionality on a regular basis. However, in the unlikely event there is an emergency phone malfunction, please contact the Lowry Security Department at 303-419-5557 to report the need for repairs.

False reporting or activation of a code blue station is a crime and will be handled accordingly.

Emergency Code Blue Phone Locations

  1. New America School Bldg. 905 Parking Lot
  2. CCA West Quad Bldg. 903 Parking Lot
  3. Quad Courtyard near Bldg. 903
  4. CCA North Quad Bldg 901 Parking Lot
  5. CCCS Office Bldg. 959 Parking Lot
  6. CCC Online Bldg. 967 South sidewalk
  7. CFS Bldg. 965 Parking Lot
  8. East Parking Lot Boston St. and Severn Place
  9. West Parking Lot Alton Way and Severn Place
  10. CCA Center for Simulation East Parking Lot
  11. CCA Center for Simulation North Parking Lot
  12. CCA Gym Bldg. 863 Parking Lot
  13. CCD Health Ed./Life Sciences Bldg 849 Parking Lot
  14. CCCS IT / UNC Bldg 758 Parking Lot
  15. CCD Dental Hygiene Bldg 753 Parking Lot
  16. Lowry Conference Center Bldg. 697 Parking Lot


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