CCA Student Complaint Procedure

Please refer to the System Procedure SP 4-31 for additional information.

The Community College of Aurora is committed to providing an environment that supports teaching and learning and that encourages open and effective communication and respect for all members of the college community. To that end the college encourages all students to first direct concerns to the individual or department with whom the concern resides. The college believes that many concerns can be resolved through an open, honest dialogue between the persons involved. In cases where that may not be possible, the CCA Student Complaint Procedure can assist in facilitating a resolution. The procedure can also provide students an opportunity to present issues or concerns with which they need assistance and which they feel warrant action on the part of the college.
If the basis of the complaint is discrimination and/or harassment based on federal or state civil rights laws, please refer to the CCCS civil rights procedure.


Complaint – A complaint can be filed regarding any alleged action which violates or inequitably applies CCCS State Board Policies, System President’s Procedures or CCA College Procedures. The student filing the complaint must be personally affected by the violation or inequitable action.
Non-grievable complaint – Matters over which the college has no authority to act; grades and other academic decisions unless there is an allegation that the decision was motivated by discrimination and/or harassment (see the CCCS civil rights procedures).
Vice President of Student Affairs – The person at CCA to whom student complaints are initially directed and who will assure that the complaint is communicated to the appropriate party for investigation and resolution.


All complaints should be filed as soon as possible after the occurrence. A significant delay in reporting can make it more difficult to investigate and address a concern.
The complaint must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs through the CCA Student Complaint form and must include the name and contact information for the student who is communicating the concern. The complaint should clearly and concisely describe the concern and the desired remedy. Supporting materials should be submitted in writing as soon as possible, including information on any informal efforts to resolve the issue.
The CCA community benefits from both informal and formal procedures that encourage the prompt resolution of complaints and concerns that students may have about the implementation of the policies and procedures that govern the college. 

Informal Complaint Process

Students are encouraged to resolve concerns through direct communication with the individuals or offices involved. The Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designee can facilitate this communication. If an informal process is not successful or if the student or the college chooses not to utilize an informal process, the Vice President will open a formal complaint.

Formal Complaint Process

Once a timely complaint is filed with the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, the complaint will be directed to the Vice President for the division of the college within which the complaint resides (Student Affairs, Academic Affairs or Administration). The appropriate Vice President will then determine if the complaint can be addressed by the college. If it is determined that the concern is non-grievable, the student who filed the complaint will be notified.
If the matter can be addressed by the college, the appropriate Vice President will request a meeting with the student filing the complaint and with the individual(s) to whom the complaint is directed.   Both parties will be given the opportunity to discuss the allegations and offer documentation, witnesses or other information pertinent to the complaint. The Vice President may also request meetings with other relevant individuals as part of the investigation. Neither party is allowed representation in the meetings as they are administrative and not legal proceedings.
Based on a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not), the Vice President will issue a decision, in writing, to both the student with the concern and the individual to whom the concern is directed.   The decision will affirm or deny the merits of the complaint, and if affirmed, will suggest a resolution. 
CCA’s Student Complaint form. This form can be submitted electronically or in hard copy to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.
If you have any questions or need assistance filing a complaint, please contact the Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs at 303-360-4932. 

As a student, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Colorado Department of Higher Education regarding your experience at CCA. To do so, please visit the Colorado Department of Higher Education Student Complaint page.
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