Strategic Planning Updates

Meeting Notes

  • President Betsy Oudenhoven
    Discussed goals for Strategic Plan, including:
    • Goals need to be measurable.
    • Goals need to be clear and consistent.
    • Goals need to focus on resource allocation.
    • Build on the goals we already have.
    • Develop goals with an equity lens.
  • Communications sub-committee
    • Introductory email from Betsy going out next week and the site is ready.
    • Survey Monkey will be used for surveys to stakeholders due to the ease of use and report functions.
    • An email account for the Strategic Planning committee has been created. Judy, Kristine, and Mary will have access.
  • Documents sub-committee
    • Presentation and discussion of key documents.
  • External stakeholders sub-committee
    • Many discussions with external stakeholders will be one-on-one.
    • Will be seeking bulk of input once a draft plan has been developed.
  • Internal stateholders sub-committee
    • Xochil and Bob met with the Faculty Senate and laid out foundations for committee. Feedback included:
      • Language that brings equity to the front.
      • Center mission, vision, and goals around the students we serve.
      • Need to promote financial literacy for students.
      • Need to be clear on communications, including progress toward existing goals.
      • Students should be reached through text where possible. Provide incentives for participation.
  • Communications sub-committee
    • Work on the website has started.
    • Calendar created of many meeting dates for both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Documents sub-committee
    • Request for volunteers familiar with major documents to identify major ideas from the documents. Will be following up at the next meeting.
  • External stakeholders sub-committee
    • Provided list external stakeholders and sought input on the list.
    • Feedback types:
      • Group feedback during existing councils and committees, including President's advisory council, CTE advisory boards, CCA Foundations, and related groups.
      • Individual feedback with select stakeholders.
      • Survey feedback with the balance of the list, likely focusing on the new plan goals and strategies once a draft plan has been developed.
  • Internal stateholders sub-committee
    • Shared "How to Engage Internal Stakeholders" document.
    • Will be looking at student and staff groups and attending meetings to solicit input.
    • Need to categorize questions to get deeper level of input from stakeholders.
  • Communications sub-committee
    • Methods for receiving input (surveys, direct contact, classrooms, etc)
    • Methods for disseminating information (social media, website, email, etc)
  • Documents sub-committee
    • Reviewed List of Plans, Mandates & Documents and Strategic Goals & Indicators
    • What are our recommendations?
    • How should other planning fit into our new strategic plan?
  • External stakeholders sub-committee
    • Who are our external stakeholders?
    • How will we get input?
  • Internal stateholders sub-committee
    • Emails similar to Guided Pathways updates
    • Student input by going into classrooms
    • Utilize departments to get input from adjunct faculty
  • Introductions
  • Determined tasks
  • Discussed timelines and organization, including sub-committee assignments

Tentative Timeline

  • Planning team selected; convenes and begins work
  • Establish team assignments and set meeting schedule
  • Determine stakeholders and how they will be engaged
  • Develop communications plan
  • Analyze internal and external environments
  • Review existing plans and mandates (CCA 2014 strategic, CCA operational, CCCS, CDHE, and HLC)
  • Review mission, vision, and values – modify if needed
  • Review goals – modify if needed
  • Identify strategies and metrics for each goal
  • Complete draft plan (mission, vision, goals, strategies, and metrics)
  • Solicit comments on draft plan; modify based on comments
  • Convey plan to cabinet
  • Cabinet reviews, modifies, and approves the plan
  • Design, print, post completed plan
  • Distribute and promote the plan and the ongoing planning process
  • Begin to update/develop division and departmental operational plans based on strategic plan
  • Utilize the goals and strategies in the 2019-20 budget development process
  • AUtilize the goals and strategies in the writing of individual 2019-20 performance plans

Documents, Plans, and Mandates

Colorado Department of Higher Education Master Plan

Colorado Community College System Strategic Plan

Community College of Aurora Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan

FY17 Progress toward Meeting CCA Strategic Goals (published 7/2017)


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