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Etiquette Tips for Working with Individuals with Disabilities

Disability Etiquette Tips

  • Use common sense and extend common courtesies to everyone.
  • Don’t patronize (treat adults like adults.)
  • Be patient (people with disabilities and seniors sometimes need a bit more time to express themselves or to move about).
  • Relax and be yourself (don’t worry about using common phrases like “see you later”).
  • Speak directly to the person and maintain eye contact (don’t speak through a companion/aide or interpreter).
  • Help make your community accessible (become familiar with “accessible” building standards); help monitor proper use of accessible parking spaces.
  • Offer assistance and listen for response-follow any specific directions.
  • Do not pet, feed or distract service animals. They are working animals, not pets.

Information from the Rocky Mountain ADA IT Center,


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