The Fox Call

Dear CCA Students, Faculty, Instructors & Staff -
Over the past 72 hours, we have witnessed the attack and invasion on Ukraine. This unprovoked, act of war is something that we have not witnessed in over 80 years.  The impact on the people of Ukraine is one of risk, hiding, fear and for some a fight for freedom. 

Community College of Aurora is changing our course numbering beginning with the summer 2022 semester. We are moving from 3-digit course numbers to 4-digit course numbers.  An example of this is ENG 121 will now be ENG 1021.  The classes themselves are not changing; they will just have the new 4-digit numbering.  

Why is CCA changing its course numbering? Colorado Community College System (CCCS) is changing its course numbering from 3-digits to 4-digits beginning Academic Year 2022-2023 in an effort to better align course curriculum and course sequencing.  Community College of Aurora is a part of the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) and follows the shared course numbering system. This means that our next catalog (2022-2023) and course schedule for summer and fall 2022 will show our new course numbering system (as will all the community colleges in the Colorado Community College System).

If the FAQ below doesn’t answer your questions, please contact your Pathways Advisor or the Admissions, Registration and Records Team.

The students and faculty who spoke at the first-generation celebration panel event.

There’s something beautiful and inspiring about being the first person to do something. 

The first to run a sub-four-minute mile. The first to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The first to walk on the moon. The first to climb Mount Everest. There’s a first for, well, everything, isn’t there.

CCA graduates at Commencement

Going to college is a big commitment. You may ask yourself, “Is a college degree worth it? Can I afford it? Do I have the time to go to classes and be away from my family?” Those are all valid questions. It requires time – time away from your family and job, time to study, and time to go to classes. It can also cost a significant amount of money. You have to pay for tuition (which can be extremely expensive depending on the college or university), class fees, books, and parking.



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