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The Community College of Aurora (CCA) is accelerating the transition back to the college’s CentreTech and Lowry campuses this summer and will complete that process fully for the fall 2021 semester. The transition plan is built on two premises: 1) having employees back on campus will help us to better serve our current and prospective students, and 2) it will be safe to return based on widespread vaccine availability and guidance from local health experts.

April through Memorial Day:

Summer registration started April 5; fall registration starts April 26. CCA will continue our current schedule through May and begin to increase our employees’ presence on campus to serve new students who “drop-in” as well as students with appointments. Current building hours will remain in effect through the end of the spring semester. The college will not host any non-college groups or activities on campus during the spring semester. The college plans to hold an in-person, physically-distanced graduation ceremony outdoors on the Lowry Quad on May 8.


The Community College of Aurora is once again offering in-person student services at its campuses.

This decision was made because we know most of you, our students, prefer in-person services over online/remote service delivery. We want to do everything we can to enhance your student experience and set you up for the most success possible… and do so in a safe and healthy way.

Below is information on CCA’s campus locations, building hours, and on-campus health and safety protocols. Also below is department-specific appointment information (e.g., how to schedule an appointment, how to check in for your appointment, what to do while you’re waiting for your appointment, and drop-in information). Before coming to campus, please review this information carefully as not every department has the same hours or procedures.

If you’re looking for a service not listed below, please call 303-360-4700 and select the department you need.

Most spring 2021 classes at the Community College of Aurora are being offered online/remotely. This decision was made for two main reasons: 1) We want you to be able to continue your education safely, and 2) we want to do everything we can to minimize stress and disruption in your lives. Rather than start in-person and possibly have to transition to an online/remote format later in the semester, or vice versa, we want to give you a consistent and certain learning environment. This, we believe, is as important as anything for you and your families in these challenging times. The most important thing to note is that you’ll still receive the same high-quality instruction from the same high-quality instructors … the content will just be delivered in a different way.


The Community College of Aurora will once again offer in-person student services starting Monday, March 1.

Summer Reading For most of my life I lived in extremely cold and snowy locations, so the lure of summer was powerful. My family was large and had limited resources so we didn't travel or vacation : we just learned to make the best out of whatever season we happened to be in (which was usually winter). Summer meant warmth and sunshine and lazy days off from school, and we looked forward to it with a vengeance. Even in higher education we kicked back in the summer. At both 2-year and 4-year institutions the summer session was shorter with limited course offerings and a kind of kick-back mentality. The community colleges where I worked in the Chicago area catered to four-year students who were home working for the summer and wanted to take a course or two at their local community colleges. But historically we haven't really pushed our continuing students to take advantage of summer, and I think that needs to change. We work year-round, we raise our families year-round and it's time to go to college year-round. Here's why:

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James Brunt on a Breakouts poster

One word describes what James Brunt is all about — BIG. Brunt’s big personality is matched by his big dream to become a big-shot actor. And he’s accomplishing his dream. In 2019, he received the True West Award for Breakout Performance award by the Denver Center for Performing Arts.

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