Why CCA Was The Perfect Fit for Me

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In a few days, I will be the first person in my family to hold a college degree. While my time at the Community College of Aurora may be finished, I feel like my academic journey is just beginning.

I think about where I will be next year, as I begin my final year of undergraduate studies, and I wonder what I will be doing. I think about the year afterwards, when I will be able to truly call myself an anthropologist, and I think about the kind of work I might find. As I think of the journey ahead of me, my thoughts turn to where I have been. Continue reading »

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Five Simple Steps to Apply for Scholarships at CCA

Computer screen with the word scholarships on itDid you know there is more than $500,000 in scholarships available through CCA Institutional and Foundation scholarships this year?

However, many CCA students do not take advantage of these scholarship opportunities.

For example, in fall, less than 200 students applied for Foundation scholarships at CCA last fall. And with a student population of more than 7,000 full-time students at CCA, you could be missing out on a scholarship to pay for your tuition and books.

Use these five simple steps to apply for scholarships at CCA: Continue reading »

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CCA Live Blog – Follow Our Model United Nations Team in New York City

The Community College of Aurora Model United Nations team is in New York this week to participate in National Model United Nations.

AThe CCA Model UN Team inside the UN General Assembly Hall.ll week long we will update this blog with images, updates, thoughts, and other insight from CCA students and staff as we join them on their journey. Keep following this space for periodic updates. You can also follow the CCA Model UN Facebook page for more live updates.

Updated 3/27:

CCA’s Model United Nations team is back from successfully bringing home another Honorable Mention award from the National Model United Nations conference in New York City last week. Below are some thoughts from some of the team members about their experiences: Continue reading »

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Meet Savannah Reich, Author of “Paradise Park Zoo” the CCA Theatre Spring Production

Image of Savannah reich, Paradise Park Zoo authorHave you ever wondered about if we are truly free – or whether we are all trapped in a cage?

And are we trapped in a cage of our own creation or someone else’s creation?

Chicago-based playwright Savannah Reich had those same questions but turned her ponderings into “Paradise Park Zoo”, the Community College of Aurora Spring Theatre Department production.

Now it’s your turn to meet Savannah your questions about “Paradise Park Zoo”, playwriting, and how to make political art that isn’t simply propaganda. (Also be sure to get your tickets for “Paradise Park Zoo!” CCA students you can attend for free by registering!)

Savannah will visit CCA from March 15 to March 17 and host a variety of panels and sessions – some open to the public and others open only to CCA students. See below for a full list of events.

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Celebrate Spirit Week at CCA!

CCA faculty Michael Pickering and the Red Fox point at the cameraThe Community College of Aurora is a place where everyone is welcomed and accepted as an individual and a student.

CCA’s Student Government Association tries to accomplish this by trying to include students, faculty, and administration in any decisions and events held at CCA.

We are a very diverse school and we would like to celebrate this diversity by hosting a week-long event called CCA Spirit Week. One of SGA’s goals when events are hosted is to have as much student involvement as possible and we are inviting every student to celebrate Spirit Week by being involved and participating with us.

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