Tips for success for military and veteran students

Soldier salute. Silhouette on sunset sky. For some, the transition from military to civilian life can be quite jarring, and this can intensify when part of that new civilian identity includes becoming a student. More than 500,000 veterans and military personnel are taking advantage of the Post-9/11 GI Bill to learn new skills and build professional careers, but they may face unique challenges when adapting to the classroom.

We talked with two veterans currently enrolled at CCA about their experiences as students, and they shared some invaluable advice for those in the military about to make the transition. Continue reading »

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The story behind CCA’s new look

ccablogCCA has just launched a new website design, in addition to a new logo, mascot and marketing materials. The launch is part of a new brand platform and brand identity developed for the college. It is important to us that our brand authentically represent who we are as an institution and what we offer to our great community. Before we share some of the new brand elements, a little background…

What is a brand?

Brand is one of those terms that gets mentioned a lot, with few people aware of its meaning. A brand is what distinguishes one organization from another; if effective, it positions an organization correctly within the minds of constituents, aiding in the formation of attitudes and associations about that organization. If an organization doesn’t actively communicate the attributes and benefits of their brand to the public, awareness of that organization and what they offer will be diminished. Continue reading »

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Choose your adventure this summer

Indian Paintbrush Flowers Colorado LandscapeMemorial Day has come and gone, and the warmer weather and blue skies mark the start of one of the best seasons, summer. Though many equate summer with a time to relax, our students know it’s an even better time to get ahead. Summer classes are underway, but just because you’re in class for part of the day doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy the warmer months the traditional way!

Colorado is known for offering an abundance of outdoor activities, year-round, and Aurora and the surrounding areas punctuate this fact. This summer has numerous opportunities for a summer adventure, regardless of how you like to play. Continue reading »

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Energize your schedule with CCA’s fitness classes

fitness-imageSummer gifts us with longer and warmer days, often boosting our energy through the roof. We encourage students to use the summer semester to blast through some classes to save money and time, but why not use the additional summer-fueled energy to get into better shape as well?

Fitness within reach

CCA offers a personal instructor program as well as a variety of Physical Education classes. But for those that just want to break up their day with a fitness class or two, there are several options available, without ever having to leave campus.  Whether you’re looking to tone and strengthen with aerobic circuit training; upping your intensity with Zumba; or relaxing body and mind with yoga, there are several one-credit classes to get you to where you want to be, physically. Continue reading »

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Five ways to ease stress without leaving campus

destress-blogIt’s that time of year again, the one that promises looming deadlines, research papers and finals just around the corner. Along with the close of the semester comes an undesirable, yet expected companion… stress.

Though stress can act as a motivator to get everything done in a limited time, it also wrecks havoc on your body and mind. Luckily, there are many activities that can be done right on campus to help ease stress. Rather than carving out time to de-stress, work it into your study agenda.

Reinvigorate and meditate

Meditation has been said to be one of the best ways to alleviate stress. The deep, rhythmic breathing slows down the heart rate, relaxes muscles and allows the mind to focus. Though meditation is known to be beneficial, the practice itself takes some experience. There are many helpful websites and books available on meditation for those who want to learn more, but here are a few quick tips: Continue reading »

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