Registration Nation Provides Free Food, Games, Prizes, and (Possibly) Some Financial Help

Registration Nation text above a circus tentBetween serving tables at night after class, babysitting my kid brother, making sure all the bills get paid on time, and spending time with family while trying to keep some sanity, I stay busy as a full-time human… ahem, graduate student. Throw in the financial stress of college and my heart nearly explodes.

And I’m not alone.

But CCA’s Registration Nation, happening on May 4 at the CentreTech campus, is offering some free food, fun, and some financial help to a lucky few at CCA who register for fall or summer semester and attend the event. Two students who attend Registration Nation will win a financial award for a three-credit hour class – essentially a free class!

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Nine Things to Know Before You Register for Fall Classes

Pencil and clipboardFall registration is right around the corner and you can begin adding classes on Monday. But before you register for fall classes, here are some helpful tips that the Admissions and Records Department and the Center for Outreach Recruitment would like you to keep in mind:

  1. Do your Degree Check! If you don’t want to schedule time to see an advisor, go to MyCCA, log in, and click on the Student tab. Go to the right side of the page and scroll down a little to find the section titled, Steps to Graduate. Underneath you will find Degree Check; use this tool to see what classes you need to take. This will keep you from registering for a class you already have taken or ensure you don’t take a class that you don’t need. Continue reading »

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Six Ways You Can Impress Employers at the CCA Spring Career Expo

Graphic image of a plane flying over Denver International AirportWant a job?

The CCA Spring 2016 Career Expo is the place to start! The event, held in the West Quad Building of the Lowry Campus on Wednesday, April 20, will feature more than 70 employers.

Many local and national employers, including FedEx, King Soopers, Southwest Airlines, and more, will send recruiters to this event and they are looking for qualified, polished, professional applicants.

Here’s how you can be one of those applicants. Continue reading »

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10 Weeks of Summer School, 10 Reasons to Go

Sunglasses on top of books and journals at the beachBefore you book that summer vacation, stop for a second. Now, think seriously about summer school at CCA.

In less than a week, you can sign up for summer classes at CCA. The summer class schedule is online now so you can find out what classes are being offered.

Now that we’ve got you thinking about summer school, here are some reasons why summer classes might be a good idea:

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Five Things We Now Know About Pluto That We Didn’t Before

Sherlin Lecture: Pluto ImageWe were all in the dark about Pluto.

For the nearly 75 years since its discovery, Pluto was a mystery, mainly because of its distance – between 2.66 billion and 4.67 billion miles from Earth. That distance prevented us from discovering more about Pluto; in 1994, the best image we could get from the Hubble telescope was a pixelated blur.

Community College of Aurora’s March 18 Sherlin Lecture, “New Views of Pluto & Its Moons” allowed CCA students, interested community members, and others to discover new things about Pluto – some of which were hypothesized and others we had no idea about. A July fly-by of the New Horizons space probe answered many questions we had about the dwarf planet – and spurred a great deal more.

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