The New Library Study Space

New library study spaceNot too long ago, when I was a student at CCA, I struggled to find a spot on campus to study… some place quiet, well-lit, and conveniently located. I needed a place that was conducive to undistracted studying and the café or the front seat of my car just were not the best fit for when I needed to dig in and really get some work done. I also needed a place where I could plug in my laptop and my phone so I could use them in my studies or at least have them charging in the safety of my presence as I hit the books. Right now you might be nodding your head or saying “Yeah, I need a place like that too!” Continue reading »

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CCA’s fall production offers humor and understanding

Pronoun-fbimageThe social media channels and news feeds have been abuzz with talk of the LGBTQ community lately, most recently with stories about transgender people. Often these stories are full of tragedy, sadness and bigotry, but at CCA, we have an opportunity to focus on a story of triumph, perseverance and ultimately, humanity.

“Pronoun” by Evan Placey is the story of Dean, a transgender male who is in the process of discovering himself. This comedy documents his journey through his relationships with family, friends and his love interest.

The CCA production of “Pronoun” debuts on November 12 and offers numerous shows over the following two weekends. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets.

Check out this behind the scenes look at the making of “Pronoun.” Continue reading »

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Practical ways you can support breast cancer awareness

healthcare, people, charity and medicine concept - close up of wDid you know that one in eight U.S. women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime? (Men can also get breast cancer, but in smaller numbers). This shocking statistic tells us that the disease, in some way or another, will affect most people. Though many are aware of this widespread form of cancer that touches so many, there is still a long way to go to ensure that people will get exams and receive the treatment they need. This is where October comes in.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is obvious as many buildings, household products and even football players are draped in pink. National attention to breast cancer detection and treatment is still an important cause, and there are many ways to participate beyond simply wearing pink (but that helps too). Check out some of the best ways to get involved in Colorado. Continue reading »

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Experience the courageous tales of Los Valientes

LosValientesIn celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, which is observed from September 15 to October 15, CCA’s School of Liberal Arts and Office of Student Life will present “Los Valientes” on Monday, October 12. “Los Valientes” (The Courageous Ones) is a musical theater production by The Core Ensemble.

The theatrical interpretation of “Los Valientes” will feature the stories of three influential and audacious men, Diego Rivera, Archbishop Oscar Romero and Joaquin Murrieta. All three will be played by Kevin Melendez, who will be backed by a musical trio consisting of cello, piano and percussion. The Core Ensemble, who hail from Lake Worth, Fla., have redefined chamber music and are on a mission to spread their compositions to a wide-reaching demographic. Continue reading »

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Meet our Staff: Music Director, Michael Pickering

Michael PickeringWhere did your love affair with music start?

Music saved my life. My mom’s side of the family was very musical. Her brother, Les Strandt, was one of the original jazz be-bop organists of his day. I was immersed in music as a child, everything from Bach to the Beatles. It was jr. high, however, where music became very personal for me. My parents were going through a divorce, which meant my sister and I also were going through the pain of divorce. There were a lot of unhealthy pain-numbing options available I could have turned to, but by the grace of God I discovered a gift for music as my drug of choice.

I heard a song my Uncle Les had recorded for a close family friend who died in a car accident. The song was an original composition and deeply moving. I thought, “If my Uncle can write a song then so can I!” So I went to my junior high band room, sat down at a piano and composed a piece of music. I went back the next day and wrote another song. The following day I decided I wanted to write a symphony so I went to Wells Music at Cinderella City, bought some score paper and began writing the first movement of my symphony. I titled it, “Symphony of the Storms.” I would get my concert band mates together to play through what I was writing. I learned a lot about scoring and arranging through those, often painful, rehearsals. In the end, I showed my score to Don Shupe, my Jr. High band director. He asked, “How did you do this?” I said, “I don’t know… I just want to know if I’m doing it right.” He said, “Just don’t stop.” And I haven’t. Continue reading »

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