Fall Classes: The majority of fall 2020 classes will be offered online/remote. Learn more about the fall 2020 semester.

Nine Things to Know Before You Register for Fall Classes

Pencil and clipboardFall registration is here! But before you register for fall classes, here are some helpful tips that the Admissions and Records Department and the Center for Outreach Recruitment would like you to keep in mind:

  1. Do your Degree Check! If you don't want to schedule the time to see an advisor, go to MyCCA, log in, and click on the Student tab. Go to the right side of the page and scroll down a little to find the section titled, Steps to Graduate. Underneath you will find Degree Check; use this tool to see what classes you need to take. This will keep you from registering for a class you already have taken or ensure you don't take a class that you don't need.
  2. See a Pathways advisor early. The earlier you can see a Pathways advisor, the easier it will be to find out what classes you need for when you register for fall classes. 
  3. Register for fall classes early even if you aren't sure about your finances. Many students don't register early because they are not sure how they will pay for classes. However, there are many payment plan options and if you register early, you will not have to make as large an initial down payment and you can split the payments up through the NBS payment plan.
  4. Register as soon as you can so you get the classes that you need. Fall is the busiest semester and classes fill up fast, especially English, science, and math classes.
  5. Use MyCCA to change your degree. On MyCCA, go to the Student tab and scroll down on the left side to the section titled Registration & Records Forms. Click on the arrow to get to the Degree Change Form; fill it out and submit and you're done! (There is also a Certificate Change Form if you need to change the Certificate you are pursuing.)
  6. Pay your holds and fees. If you have holds or fees you need to pay them before you can register for the fall semester.
  7. Check out our Getting Started page. It will help give you a path on what steps you need to take to apply, find funds to pay for college, orientation steps, and more.
  8. If you have applied – don't hesitate! Don't wait to hear from CCA or wait for something to come in the mail. Start registering for classes and if you encounter any difficulties, call the main CCA number at 303-360-4700. Just answer a series of prompts to direct you to the right department, and if that doesn't work, dial “0” for the operator.
  9. Don't be afraid to ask questions! CCA staff are always happy to help!

Do you have some tips can you share with us? Let us know in the comments section.



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