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CCA Mobile App Can Help You Start the Semester on the Right Foot

CCA Mobile App Icon

The CCA Mobile App is now available.

If you are a CCA student with a little extra space on your phone, the CCA Mobile app can make things a lot easier for you.

Available on Android and iOS, the CCA Mobile app was developed to make finding important student information such as grades, class schedules, and phone numbers more navigable for CCA students.

And since the app only requires 20 MB of space, you should be able to fit it on your phone next to Snapchat, Spotify, and Facebook. (You can actually use the CCA Mobile app to replace Facebook – but more on that later.)

The app is simple to use and very easy to understand with a menu bar that is easy to understand and figure out. You shouldn't have any problems with the app since it is straightforward and minimal.

To really gain the benefit of using the app, CCA students should tap the “Sign In” button at the bottom of the app after they download it. After CCA students sign in using their MyCCA info the benefits of using the app really become clear.

Once signed in, students can tap in the upper left corner to open up a menu that features several useful options. They can see their class schedule, grades from previous semesters and be alerted to important notifications. Those are the benefits that are unique to students but staff members and faculty will find the app useful as well.

One of the main benefits of the app is that it eliminates the need to go to the CCA website to look up information.

For instance, you can sign into the Desire2Learn program to access online courses and resources, or if you want to look up a CCA staff member in the website directory you can.

The app also streamlines the really important phone numbers you need to know – tapping on Phone Numbers gives you a list of numbers for: campus security at CentreTech and Lowry campuses; a general information number; IT help desk; Cashier; Financial Aid; Academic Advising; and Registration.

Interested in upcoming CCA events? The app has an event calendar that is easy to scroll through and find events. Tapping on selected events will take you to the CCA website for more detailed information. Going to the event calendar is just about the only time the app forces you to open up another app on your phone; the rest of the time when you open something you stay within the CCA Mobile app.

Even when you tap on the Weather tab on the CCA Mobile app, you stay within the app and visit The Weather Channel page. The CCA Mobile app also has a social media tab that shares the CCA social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube – but you can also log into your own social media accounts. If you wanted you could replace four apps on your phone with the CCA Mobile app.

Here's how you can install this one-stop app today:

1. For iPhone, open the App Store. For Android, open Google Play.

2. Seach for “CCA Mobile” and look for the icon you see above.

3. Tap the Install button.

4. Wait for the app to download and install.

5. Locate the app on your device.

6. Tap the app icon to launch it.

7. Tap “Sign In” at the bottom of the home page.

8. Log in using your S Number and your MyCCA password.




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