Five Reasons to Attend a CCA Transfer Fair

A desk containing materials at a CCA Transfer Fair

If you are looking to transfer to a four-year school to complete your degree, many factors come into play when choosing where to continue your education. Picking one school to meet all your needs can be a messy process! Fortunately, CCA has many resources to help you understand your priorities, research and reach your goals, including two Transfer Fairs held this fall. The first CCA Transfer Fair is on October 14 on the CentreTech campus in the Student Centre Building in the Rotunda. The second CCA Transfer Fair is on October 15 on the Lowry campus in the West Quad Building in the Todd Bergren Room. 

Not sure what a transfer fair can do for you? Check out these five tips to discover how CCA's Transfer Fairs can help you forge a path that fits your unique interests and values.

  1. Comparison Shopping

Researching potential schools for transfer can be overwhelming. Churning through page after page of content on the school websites only gives you one part of a much bigger picture. Without the ability to compare and contrast programs, decision-making becomes much more difficult than it needs to be. At each CCA transfer fair, you'll have access to many transfer representatives from four-year institutions across the state and country all in the same room at the same time. If you think of a question when talking to a representative from one school, you can then ask that same question to many of the representatives and directly compare their answers. With so many schools in the same room, you can reach clarity even sooner.

  1. Specific Questions, Specific Answers

Only so much information can be found online or in pamphlets. If you have a really specific question related to the transfer process for your dream school, their transfer representative is virtually guaranteed to have dealt with the nitty-gritty of transferring from CCA and have a helpful answer for you. If you have questions about GPA cutoffs, application requirements, or fee waivers, come to the transfer fair! Even if the transfer representative does not have a specific answer for you, they can refer you to someone who can help. It's all about who you know! 


TRANSFER FAIRS: CentreTech Campus - October 14 - Student Centre, The Rotunda (S100)

Lowry Campus - October 15 - West Quad Building, Bergren Room (Room 112)

These fairs are open to all CCA students! There is no need to register!


  1. Gather Materials

Pamphlets, brochures, and university materials are all purposefully constructed to create a mental image of what life is like at that school in particular. Pay close attention to what is highlighted and who is represented.  You can learn a lot about what a school values based off of its admissions materials since they are likely to showcase their proudest achievements and programs. Make sure you know student-teacher ratios, population size, location, and financial aid processes, as they all will all form important parts of your transfer decision. Store the information in a physical folder for later review!

  1. Learn more about campus life

Interested in joining a fencing club? Fascinated by physics? Love a free concert? Transfer Representatives are likely to know a lot more about day-to-day life on their campus than can be contained in writing. Learn more about the type of community you might be joining by asking some thoughtful questions about what campus life has to offer at your dream school!

  1. Free Swag

There are many serious reasons to attend the transfer fair, but getting a CCA Transfer Success USB drive or freebies from local institutions is an extra perk that shouldn't be ignored! Represent your favorite schools with some swag and get pumped to start here and finish there!



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