Amazon Career Choice Offers Education Path for Amazon Employees

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The Amazon Fulfillment Center in Aurora employs over 1,000 people. These employees work in a variety of capacities, from warehouse team members to distribution center associates to delivery drivers.

Amazon Fulfillment Center jobs pay well. Most warehouse jobs pay anywhere from $16.30 to $18.30, which is above Colorado’s minimum wage. The one thing you might not know about Amazon, though – Amazon will pay for your college education through the Amazon Career Choice program in certain academic programs.

Amazon Career Choice is an innovative Amazon program uniquely designed to upskill Amazon employees who are interested in pursuing a future outside of Amazon. By partnering with the Community College of Aurora (CCA) to deliver training for high-demand careers, Amazon is proud to give eligible employees the tools they need to make a career change and pursue their aspirations.

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The first question you might have is, “How much will Amazon pay for my college education?” That is a great question! Amazon Career Choice will cover $3,000 a year for full-time employees. The maximum amount a full-time employee can receive is $12,000. Part-time employees can receive $1,500 a year with a maximum of $6,000.

Let’s do the math now. A 60-credit associate degree at CCA will cost about $9,764 and a 30-credit certificate will cost about $4,882. That means you can have your entire degree or certificate paid for by Amazon. And if you reached your maximum amount for the year, don’t worry about it! CCA offers over $1 million in grants to help cover the remaining cost.

Check out the 10 programs that are eligible for this opportunity:

  • IT Tech and Support | Associate of Applied Science or Certificate
  • Cyber Security | Associate of Applied Science
  • Networking | Associate of Applied Science
  • CISCO | Certificate
  • Basic Networking and Security | Certificate
  • Computer Science | Associate of Applied Science
  • Programming | Associate of Applied Science
  • Diesel Power Mechanics | Associate of Applied Science
  • Management with an emphasis in Paralegal | Associate of Applied Science
  • Paralegal | Associate of Applied Science and Certificate

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Don’t forget! The Amazon Fulfillment Center in Aurora is only a 14-minute drive to CCA’s CentreTech campus and a 19-minute drive to the Lowry campus. The commute is short so you can work on your degree or certificate before or after work! You don’t even have to get on the highway to drive to either campus, which means you can avoid bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Maybe you work at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Thornton and want to take classes at CCA but don’t want the commute? CCA offers all sorts of class options to fit your schedule. CCA offers in-person, online, hybrid, and hyeflex classes. Learn more about the class offerings at CCA here.

Amazon Career Choice is an excellent opportunity for employees to pursue their aspirations, and with CCA in your backyard, why not get started today!



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