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Daniel is the former Director of the TRiO Student Support Services program at Community College of Aurora. He has worked in the education field for thirteen years and is also passionate about writing. He has published two E-Books, Portcoma and Discoveries – A Collection of Narrative Non-Fiction. Daniel holds a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado and a B.A. in English Writing from Colorado Mesa University.

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What kind of procrastinator are you? Four ways to get things done

In the world of education, procrastination tends to be normal for most students. I regularly work with students who wait until the due date of a paper before they start writing it or don’t read anything from a text book until the night before a big exam. While these habits are sometimes reinforced with good […]

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Identify your talents and turn them into strengths

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Positive Psychology”? Most people don’t associate the word “positive” with the word “psychology.” In fact, most of us tend to think that psychology is the study of what’s wrong with people. Phrases like “shrink,” “crazy,” and “therapist” tend to have negative connotations. So what exactly is […]

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