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Six Thoughts on Learning Shakespeare in Six Weeks

MSND-484x252Learning Shakespeare can be tough – but having to learn it in six weeks and then perform it in front of an audience while you juggle classes, your job, and your personal life? (Lord, what fools these mortals be.)

That’s the challenge for the Community College of Aurora’s student actors as they prepare for the production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” premiering next month.

The play is still Shakespeare’s traditional tale of crisscrossed lovers, mischievous fairies, and an amateur acting troupe. This CCA production is set in an urban 1920s – think New York City – and features some characters with their genders swapped, which adds more layers to the performance.

Many of the CCA student actors have never tried Shakespeare on stage before, outside of brief flirtations in English class. And because “Midsummer” is the spring play, they face an accelerated schedule compared with the fall production.

So what’s it like to learn Shakespeare in six weeks?

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Can art be about fun?

Lawrence Argent, I see what you mean blue bear

Lawrence Argent, “I see what you mean.” Photo credit:

My first true, memorable experience viewing art involved being in New York City as a young child and seeing Alexander Calder’s Circus. Originally a toy maker and later famous for his mobiles and stabiles, Calder’s Circus was a wonderful combination of skill and humor. Sword swallowers made out of wire and cloth, a real trapeze made out of scraps, and a lion complete with a yarn mane were just a few of the marvelous participants. Of course the subject matter appealed to me as a young child but what I really remember is a deep understanding that art could be anything! Art could even be FUN! Continue reading »


Alex Girard – Graphic Designer

Re-think. Inform. Educate. Inspire. These are some of the things that Art & Design faculty Alex Girard believes creative work can accomplish. Both a fine artist and a designer, Alex believes in letting creativity drive technology, rather than focusing on what technology has the ability to do. In this video, Continue reading »

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5 tips for taking great photos

Viewing ocean and beach through the screen of a smart phoneWhen people learn that I’m a professional photographer they’ll often ask me how to take better pictures. Here are some of the tips I like to share: Continue reading »

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Managing your digital footprint

Managing Your Digital FootprintAre there jobs available in the creative field in this economic climate? The short answer is, yes. However, jobs will not come to those who sit around and wait. The following is part 2 of a series intended to prepare future creative professionals on how to transition successfully to the workforce.

Have you ever searched for yourself on the Internet? Transitioning from an academic setting, which is inherently social, to a professional setting is a very important time to be aware of your digital footprint. Look yourself up and see what is out there!

If you are a candidate that makes the shortlist for a position, consider it a reality of the age in which we live that your name will be searched on the Internet and looked up on Facebook. What will your future employer find? Continue reading »