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“Anansi & Friends” Brings Culture, Folktales, and More to All Ages

Anansi & Friends: Folktales from Around the WorldAudiences who attend the CCA spring Theatre Department production “Anansi & Friends” will travel around the world in 60 minutes.

The one-hour production, which debuts March 9, features CCA students performing a variety of folktales from around the world. It’s a perfect length of time for families who want to introduce their children to other cultures ina fun atmosphere.

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Share Your Culture at International Village

Hands waving various international flags

What is your favorite dish from your homeland? Or your parents’ homeland?

For me, it’s golumpki – a Polish dish that my parents learned to make from my grandparents, who learned to make it from their parents. Golumpki is soft-boiled cabbage stuffed with rice and meat and served with tomato sauce.

Golumpki is one of my last cultural ties to a Polish ancestry that – as I get older – I continue to lose touch with. As a fourth generation U.S. citizen, my cultural relationship with Poland has diminished as my family members, who may have once spoken Polish or told me more about our family’s journey to America, have passed away. Continue reading »

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Finding daily inspiration from MLK

Martin Luther King Jr.As Martin Luther King Jr. Day approaches we’d like to take a moment to reflect and celebrate a man whose profound wisdom and peaceful messages still, to this day, ring relevant and meaningful. Quotes from Dr. King resonate differently with each person, but have truly stood the test of time.

It’s unfortunate that many of the struggles of his day are still occurring over forty years later. But we can take solace and gain instruction from his words today and move forward in the manner that he advised all those years ago. Let’s reflect on some of his famed quotes.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.â€� Continue reading »

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5 types of people that should learn ASL

bigstock-Sunshine-Ok--5033496Using one’s hands to speak is not just reserved to over animated storytellers, rather it is an entire language all its own, allowing everyone, especially those that are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate effectively.

American Sign Language uses hand signs combined with specific facial expressions and body language as a form of communication for the deaf or hard of hearing communities. ASL is the main language for those that are deaf in North America, and some other countries across the globe.

Though ASL is loosely based on spoken English, it is in fact a completely distinctive language. It has its own nuances, grammar and usage. Though body language is often employed in spoken languages, it is merely an accentuation, rather than a major factor in understanding. ASL uses body postures along with signs to signify words, or ideas. For example, when asking a question, the signs will be accompanied by raised eyebrows, a tilted body posture and widened eyes. Continue reading »

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Keeping Diversity Alive

Keeping diversity alive in coloradoHaving been born in Colombia, South America and being adopted as a baby, I grew up in the heart of the city of Aurora. From my perspective, Aurora has always been this great “melting potâ€� or mix of so many wonderful things. I think that it is beautiful to hear the various languages when I go to Starbucks and amazing to see the different cultural dress from various countries when I go shopping at the local Ross. Continue reading »

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