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Registration Nation Provides Free Food, Games, Prizes, and (Possibly) Some Financial Help

Registration Nation text above a circus tentBetween serving tables at night after class, babysitting my kid brother, making sure all the bills get paid on time, and spending time with family while trying to keep some sanity, I stay busy as a full-time human… ahem, graduate student. Throw in the financial stress of college and my heart nearly explodes.

And I’m not alone.

But CCA’s Registration Nation, happening on May 4 at the CentreTech campus, is offering some free food, fun, and some financial help to a lucky few at CCA who register for fall or summer semester and attend the event. Two students who attend Registration Nation will win a financial award for a three-credit hour class – essentially a free class!

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What can CCA do for you?

CCA Lowry campusLife isn’t a one size fits all proposition. Neither is attending Community College of Aurora.

CCA wants to prove it by showcasing to our surrounding neighborhoods our eclectic mix of programs and services at an education fair Nov. 8 from 4-7 pm on the college’s Lowry campus. Continue reading »

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5 tips for recent grads

5 tips for recent grads

2012 CCA Graduates

Many students just flipped their caps into the air at a graduation ceremony. Now, it’s many of those happy grads that have come back to earth, realizing the difficulties ahead. But there are some practical steps that can be taken in the coming days and months by the cap-and-gown crowd. Continue reading »

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Rumor has it: 5 myths about community colleges

5 Myths About Community Colleges1. A community college education is not valued by employers.

This is an interesting notion that people have when they think of community colleges. Although I’m not certain when or where the stereotype started, there’s this idea out there that the education received at a community college is not as good as the education received from a 4-year school. In my experience, having attended two different 4-year schools as well as a community college, employers don’t seem to be as concerned with where or how you came to know something. Employers these days are looking for someone who demonstrates what they know and works hard at what they do. Continue reading »


Why not dream big?

Why not dream big?

“I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know what can’t be done.â€�- Henry Ford

As children, we dream of being an astronaut, firefighter, or even President of the United States, and then we get older and realize that these are just…dreams.  You may have been asked the questions “What do you want to be?â€� or “What career do you want?â€� with greater frequency the older you became. The weight of these questions is obvious, and the repetition of this inquiry can cause a lot of anxiety and rushed decisions. At the ripe age of 18, you are forced to make a decision – go to college or start working (or both). Continue reading »