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CCA Preparing for Full Return to Campus

The Community College of Aurora (CCA) is accelerating the transition back to the college’s CentreTech and Lowry campuses this summer and will complete that process fully for the fall 2021 semester. The transition plan is built on two premises: 1) having employees back on campus will help us to better serve our current and prospective students, and 2) it will be safe to return based on widespread vaccine availability and guidance from local health experts.

April through Memorial Day:

Summer registration started April 5; fall registration starts April 26. CCA will continue our current schedule through May and begin to increase our employees’ presence on campus to serve new students who “drop-in” as well as students with appointments. Current building hours will remain in effect through the end of the spring semester. The college will not host any non-college groups or activities on campus during the spring semester. The college plans to hold an in-person, physically-distanced graduation ceremony outdoors on the Lowry Quad on May 8.


The summer semester starts June 1. CCA will use the summer to pilot approaches that get the college closer to our new academic year. Instruction will offer more face-to-face classes in addition to the programs and science labs that have been on campus much of this past year. Student Affairs will also continue to increase its on-campus presence to meet student needs.


Starting July 9, the college campuses will be fully open again on Fridays to provide more opportunities for student and employee interaction and to make it easier for students to register for fall classes. In July, CCA will start to entertain requests for use of campus space by non-college groups. Facilities staff will continue to do daily cleaning and deep cleaning of common areas.

August 2 and the Fall Semester:

Employees will complete their return to campus on August 2 with offices fully open. There may still be adjustments to how classes and other events are offered. Fall classes start on August 23 and the majority of classes will be held on campus.



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