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Growing Population Equals a Boom in Construction

A construction site in Denver

When I travel out-of-state and I tell someone I’m from Denver, usually the first thing they mention is how much Denver has grown in the last few years. And it has! Denver County alone has grown nearly 20% since 2010, according to a Denver Post article published in April 2019.

And that number continues to grow! Businesses are starting, expanding, or moving to Denver, and with that means a boom in construction. 

Construction in the Denver metro area is a very common sight. With new buildings being added, old buildings being renovated, and streets expanding to accommodate the population growth, you’re bound to see a site under construction during your daily commute. I know I see at least two construction sites during my 10-minute drive to work!

And even though Denver’s growing population can have some growing pains, it also means a lot of job opportunities, especially in the world of construction.

Job postings are high in the Denver metro area for construction managers and cost estimators.

For construction managers, the national average is 136 jobs postings a month and here in Denver the average is 300 jobs postings a month.* That is more than double the national average. And for cost estimators, the national average is 48 jobs postings a month and in Denver the average is 120 job postings a month.* That is almost triple the national average – WOW!

And I believe it. If you drive for 15 minutes in Denver, you will see at least a couple of sites under construction. And with each construction site comes the need for a team of people to start and finish the project. 

Now the question is, how do you get started in this in-demand field?

The Community College of Aurora (CCA) and the Colorado Homebuilding Academy (CHA) have partnered to create a Construction Management program to create skilled workers to help fill those jobs in Denver. You have the option to become a construction estimator, where you will learn about construction job costs and bidding on projects, or a construction manager, where you will develop the skills you need to lead residential and commercial construction projects. 

Alie Green

According to Alie Green, Project Administrator for Marx |Okubo Associates, Inc. “It is a great program for people in the industry or if you are brand new to the industry. It gives you the foundation to better communicate with clients and understand how bidding on projects work. And the instructors are amazing! They are always happy to breakdown and go through any problem you might be having trouble with.”

Green graduated from the Construction Estimating program in 2019 and will continue her education at University of Colorado Denver.

And the best part is you can finish a certificate in less than a year, so you can see your career boom in construction next year! 

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* Data is extracted from EMSI Labor Market Analytics as of February 2020.



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