5 reasons to take online classes

5 reasons to take online classesA lot of people ask me why they should take classes online.  What are the advantages?  Is it right for me?  Let’s take a look at these questions through 5 key points.

Save gas and time

The convenience of working on your own schedule in front of your computer is obvious to many online learners. Busy parents can bypass the babysitter. Full-time and part-time jobs can be worked around. It’s learning while living your hectic life.

Win the game of concentration

Flexibility in scheduling isn’t just confined to what hours on the clock you’ll take online classes or earn an online degree. Many students are better engaged in their course work because they can log on when they are ready, not when a class schedule says it’s time to get to work.

Experience a full-service operation

A wide array of online classes, online degrees and online certificates are available. So whether you’re planning on filling the blanks in a resume or building a new one, you’ll be prepared. (A full list of online offerings at CCA can be found here).

The latest technology at your fingertips

Depending on the class and instructor, online classes can include a wide array of teaching tools. The learning management system “Design to Learn (D2L)� is the core software used at CCA. It includes an area to upload assignments, take quizzes, engage in discussions with classmates, as well as check grades, chat or watch videos.

It’s class without the class

Completing an online course or earning an online degree isn’t an open-ended proposition. There are due dates, just like with a classroom experience. The quality of teaching is equal to face-to-face instruction. Faculty are as helpful, reachable, dedicated and involved. All that’s missing is the chalk dust.


About the Author

JoAnn is the Associate Dean of Online Learning at CCA. She has a B.S. in Business Administration, a M.S. in Instructional Technology, and a M.B.A. She has been involved in online learning and instructional technology for many years. She believes online learning will continue to grow, as well as the movement to access courses on mobile devices.  


  1. Alex Thompson

    July 5, 2012

    It is more preferable to take online class. I was looking for the same… Thanks for sharing…