10 Weeks of Summer School, 10 Reasons to Go

Sunglasses on top of books and journals at the beachBefore you book that summer vacation, stop for a second. Now, think seriously about summer school at CCA.

In less than a week, you can sign up for summer classes at CCA. The summer class schedule is online now so you can find out what classes are being offered.

Now that we’ve got you thinking about summer school, here are some reasons why summer classes might be a good idea:

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Five Things We Now Know About Pluto That We Didn’t Before

Sherlin Lecture: Pluto ImageWe were all in the dark about Pluto.

For the nearly 75 years since its discovery, Pluto was a mystery, mainly because of its distance – between 2.66 billion and 4.67 billion miles from Earth. That distance prevented us from discovering more about Pluto; in 1994, the best image we could get from the Hubble telescope was a pixelated blur.

Community College of Aurora’s March 18 Sherlin Lecture, “New Views of Pluto & Its Moons” allowed CCA students, interested community members, and others to discover new things about Pluto – some of which were hypothesized and others we had no idea about. A July fly-by of the New Horizons space probe answered many questions we had about the dwarf planet – and spurred a great deal more.

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Share Your Culture at International Village

Hands waving various international flags

What is your favorite dish from your homeland? Or your parents’ homeland?

For me, it’s golumpki – a Polish dish that my parents learned to make from my grandparents, who learned to make it from their parents. Golumpki is soft-boiled cabbage stuffed with rice and meat and served with tomato sauce.

Golumpki is one of my last cultural ties to a Polish ancestry that – as I get older – I continue to lose touch with. As a fourth generation U.S. citizen, my cultural relationship with Poland has diminished as my family members, who may have once spoken Polish or told me more about our family’s journey to America, have passed away. Continue reading »

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Celebrate Spirit Week at CCA!

Hands holding banners - Spirit Week

We all want to be in a community that gets us. We have a need to feel accepted. We want to be in a place that celebrates our diversity and includes it in all activities. This is how Student Government Association feels about CCA. We have a richly diverse community here that should be celebrated. CCA is a place that is more than just a college of students, faculty, and administrators – it is our community. It is something to celebrate and have pride in. To show this, SGA is hosting a weeklong celebration called CCA Spirit Week.

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Six Thoughts on Learning Shakespeare in Six Weeks

MSND-484x252Learning Shakespeare can be tough – but having to learn it in six weeks and then perform it in front of an audience while you juggle classes, your job, and your personal life? (Lord, what fools these mortals be.)

That’s the challenge for the Community College of Aurora’s student actors as they prepare for the production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” premiering next month.

The play is still Shakespeare’s traditional tale of crisscrossed lovers, mischievous fairies, and an amateur acting troupe. This CCA production is set in an urban 1920s – think New York City – and features some characters with their genders swapped, which adds more layers to the performance.

Many of the CCA student actors have never tried Shakespeare on stage before, outside of brief flirtations in English class. And because “Midsummer” is the spring play, they face an accelerated schedule compared with the fall production.

So what’s it like to learn Shakespeare in six weeks?

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