Run for CCA’s Student Government Association

An illustration of hands placing ballots in a ballot boxIf you are interested in making the college aware of student concerns and building relationships, then the Student Government Association is for you!

Student leadership looks really good on scholarship applications and college application as well. I encourage you to join CCA’s Student Government Association today get involved and to have an impact at CCA! SGA elections are April 9-13 but you have to sign up to run by April 2.

Here is what I have done while part of SGA and why you should consider running for office.

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10 Weeks of Summer School, 10 Reasons to Go

Graphic of textbooks and text Summer School 10 Reasons to GoBefore you book that summer vacation, stop for a second. Now, think seriously about summer school at CCA.

On April 2, you can sign up for summer classes at CCA. The summer class schedule is online now so you can find out what classes are being offered.

Now that we’ve got you thinking about summer school, here are some reasons why summer classes might be a good idea:

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“Anansi & Friends” Brings Culture, Folktales, and More to All Ages

Anansi & Friends: Folktales from Around the WorldAudiences who attend the CCA spring Theatre Department production “Anansi & Friends” will travel around the world in 60 minutes.

The one-hour production, which debuts March 9, features CCA students performing a variety of folktales from around the world. It’s a perfect length of time for families who want to introduce their children to other cultures ina fun atmosphere.

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“Here’s Why I Chose CCA’s Entrepreneurship Program to Help Me Start My Own Business”

Blog Banner - Here's Why I Chose CCA's Entrepreneurship Program to Help Me Start My Own Business

They say that luck is when preparation meets opportunity — but sometimes luck is just luck.

For me, I lucked out when I was looking for an interesting elective to take at the Community College of Aurora and stumbled upon an Intro to Entrepreneurship class. I thought, “Ahhh, now that sounds really interesting.”

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Now on Your Phone: CCA Mobile

CCA Mobile App Icon

The CCA Mobile App is now available.

If you are a CCA student with a little extra space on your phone, the CCA Mobile app can make things a lot easier for you.

Available on Android and iOS, the CCA Mobile app was developed to make finding important student information such as grades, class schedules, and phone numbers more navigable for CCA students. And since the app only requires 20 MB of space, you should be able to fit it on your phone next to Snapchat, Spotify, and Facebook. (You can actually use the CCA Mobile app to replace Facebook – but more on that later.)

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