Bridge Program Provides On-Campus College Experience for High School Students

Instructor Susan Stabinfil speaks to high school students as part of the CCA summer bridge program.Attending CCA for eight weeks has opened the eyes of Alejandro Faiffer about what college truly can be.

Alejandro, who will be a senior at Vista Peak Preparatory High School this fall, is taking an English course at CCA as part of a summer bridge program offered to students attending Aurora Public Schools.

Before taking the English class, Alejandro had a preconceived notion that college was just boring lectures. But the CCA experience has been anything but, he said. His instructor, Susan Stafinbil, has been more helpful in the class than he anticipated, encouraging conversation and ideas. “She was always really open to questions; a teacher who was like a friend,” he said.

And that respect is important, he said. “Here, they treat you like you’re an adult, Alejandro said. “Here they really help you out.”

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Brother 2 Brother Helps Students Focus, Set Goals

Brother2Brother484X252Nila Niroula graduated from CCA in May – but if it weren’t for a program called Brother 2 Brother, he might have had to wait even longer.

Nila is a first-generation college student from Nepal and had attended CCA since summer 2012. He had taken numerous classes at CCA but wasn’t sure how close he was to graduating.

With the help of Brother 2 Brother Advisor Daniel Haupt, Nila discovered that he only needed one more class to graduate.

“A program like this should be in colleges,” Nila said. “This is the program that ultimately helped me; otherwise, I would still be waiting to get my degree in fall 2016.”

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CCA Students’ Last Act is “Leading Ladies” Fundraiser

Leading Ladies PosterFor CCA students Matt Berg, Molly Bibeau, Michael Evans, Brittany Pollard, and Bear Omundson (who is directing the show), “Leading Ladies” demonstrates everything they have learned during theater classes and performances. This is their final production at CCA.

The student-led “Leading Ladies” play is not only a way for CCA students to showcase what they have learned – it is also a way for them to give back to the college. The show is a fundraiser to help support the Theatre Department and future productions. Tickets are $5 at the door and donations will be accepted.

Although “Leading Ladies” shares some of the same themes, such as identity and gender confusion, that the past two CCA productions, “Pronoun” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” featured, that is about the only similarity.

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Get the Financial Help You Need Now

Money and Textbooks on a Scale Balancing Each OtherNeed help figuring out your finances? Not sure how to pay for your tuition?

We’re here to help. 

CCA’s Financial Aid office, along with other colleges across the U.S., are focused on providing more financial literacy for students. As student debt grows at community colleges and universities across the U.S., financial aid departments are making the effort to reach out to students.

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A Student’s Journey to Model United Nations

JustinTaylorModelUN484X252During spring semester, a March blizzard crippled Denver for a couple of days, and when I got the notification that CCA cancelled classes for the day, I laughed. I was wearing a full suit, sitting at a table in New York City with students from all around the world, hard at work. Before us were two very similar papers, each the product of several days’ worth of work, and we were attempting to merge them together in less than two. Denver slept under a blanket of snow, and I was already one Red Bull down at 8 a.m. It was going to be a long, rewarding day.

This was the second year that Community College of Aurora had sent a team to the National Model United Nations conference in New York City. I have been privileged to be a part of both teams. The goal of the conference is fairly straightforward: it is an accelerated simulation of a United Nations session. Each school represents one country that they’re not from, and during the week-long conference, students work together to promote the interests of their representative country by drafting and voting on a resolution.

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