Vote for Your Student Government Association Leaders!

An illustration of hands placing ballots in a ballot boxStudent Government Association elections are this week! Find out below about what Student Government Association has meant to one CCA student. Check out what SGA has meant to her and vote in the elections this week! If you are interested in making the college aware of student concerns and building relationships, then the Student Government Association is for you! Student leadership looks really good on scholarship applications and college application as well. I encourage you to join CCA's Student Government Association today get involved and to have an impact at CCA! SGA elections are April 9-15 . Here is what I have done while part of SGA and why you should consider running for office. I joined the SGA group during the fall 2017 but I really wished that I had joined sooner because it has been a fun experience. I have learned a lot about how the school works and how to plan events. Since I have been in SGA, we have planned events for the student body like Spirit Week, Club Kick-off, Town Hall Projects, and the SGA Elections process. It was fun to participate with the Office of Student Life for events open to all students such as Pizza with the President and Donuts with the Deans. It has been enjoyable to be a part of such an energetic and sincere team. SGA has become part of my extended family and it felt remarkable to be part of the group. We have had team-building exercises at the beginning of each meeting to help us get to know each other better and that was marvelous. It is a good feeling to be an advocate for other students, to gather feedback, and to take the information back to the larger group and to CCA administration. I have taken part in meetings with the Manager of Facilities and Betsy Oudenhoven, our CCA President. ______________________________________________________________________________


Student Government Association Elections – April 9 – 15

Interested in voting in CCA's Student Government Association election? Vote this week for your SGA representatives!



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