6 reasons to take summer classes

6 reasons to take summer classesWith Spring Break just a week away, it’s pretty easy to start fantasizing about summer – the warm weather, adventures in the mountains, outdoor barbeques and all the sunshine imaginable. But have you ever considered taking just a bit of your free time and enrolling in summer classes? Registration for CCA’s summer courses opens April 7th, so now is the time to look into it. Here are six reasons why you should:

1. You can get ahead on your degree
Summer is the perfect time to take those pesky gen-ed courses and get them out of the way. That way come fall, you won’t have to worry about them, your course load will be lighter and you’ll be that much closer to graduation.

If you’re attending any public four-year college or university in Colorado, many of CCA’s summer classes are guaranteed to transfer to your school, so get your requirements completed here this summer!

2. Shorter semesters
At CCA, summer classes start on June 2nd and end on August 9th. That’s only ten weeks, which means your semester will be over six weeks sooner than a traditional semester. You can stay caught up in course work, and still enjoy the beautiful summer days.

3. Classes are smaller
You can have more one-on-one time with your professor and more attention paid to your needs and questions while you’re in class. Many of the professors at CCA are the same professors you’ll have at Colorado’s four-year schools. Talk about an ideal learning environment!

4. There are less students on campus
While the campus is still up and running, there are fewer people around. This means not having to wait in line. You can get everything set and ready to go for the following semester, including checking your financial aid status, meeting with advisors, and even getting a spot in the computer lab, with very little hassle. Not to mention parking is awesome!

5. The weather is great
You don’t have to stay stuffed up in the library to study. No more huddling in the hallway while you wait for your class to begin. Instead you can stroll outside and feel the warm breeze and sun on your back while you do your homework.

6. You can impress your parents
When they ask you “What are you going to do all summer?â€� you’ll have an impressive answer ready to go. Saying “I’m enrolled in summer classesâ€� will make you look like a responsible, go-getter who has their nose to the grindstone – and no one has to know how many perks you’re enjoying!

So what are you waiting for – look up your summer classes now so you’re ready to register on April 7th!

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Jackie June is the Graphic Design and Digital Media Specialist in CCA’s Communications Department. She has a B.A. in Design Arts from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay and has over 5 years of experience working in graphic design, photography, and communications.  

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