Five Simple Steps to Apply for Scholarships at CCA

Computer screen with the word scholarships on itDid you know there is more than $500,000 in scholarships available through CCA Institutional and Foundation scholarships this year?

However, many CCA students do not take advantage of these scholarship opportunities.

For example, in fall 2016, less than 200 students applied for Foundation scholarships at CCA last fall. And with a student population of more than 7,000 full-time students at CCA, you could be missing out on a scholarship to pay for your tuition and books.

The opportunity to apply for many spring scholarships opens on October 1 – use these five simple steps to apply for scholarships at CCA:

  1. Go to the Scholarship web page at CCA. On the Scholarship page, you will find a list of Foundation Scholarships and Institutional Scholarships.
  2. Once you are on the Scholarships page, decide if you want to apply for a Foundation Scholarship or an Institutional Scholarship or both! For the Foundation Scholarship, you can log in online with your S# and the password you use to log into computers on campus and fill out the application.

For the Institutional Scholarship, you will have to print up a PDF form from the Institutional Scholarships page and fill it out and bring it to the CCA Financial Aid office.

  1. Get two letters of recommendation from people you know in your life. This person can be a friend, an instructor (from high school or at CCA!), a staff member at CCA, an academic advisor, an employer, and many others. A family member writing a letter of recommendation is not advised. And the letter of recommendation does not need to be long; it can be a few paragraphs and not generally longer than a page.

If you want to know what makes a good letter of recommendation, check out this article on Scholarship Letters of Recommendation from SALT; registration is required to view the article but SALT is a good financial resource for students.

  1. Write a personal essay. The personal essay also does not need to be long – anywhere between one to two pages is probably good. The essay will ask you to write about your personal background as well as your academic and career goals.

Need help writing your personal essay? Try starting with: “My name is (insert your name) …. and I would like to one day become a (insert career here). I am studying at CCA (insert why are you attending CCA?).” Then write about your family, high school experience, and basically anything that has brought you to CCA and made you want to go into the field you are studying for.

  1. Now that you have your two letters of recommendation and your personal essay and you have filled out the application, most of the hard work is done.

And this next part is important, so read this very carefully: You can now use that personal essay and two letters to apply for multiple scholarships at CCA.

Most scholarships don’t require that the letters and essay be different so apply for as many scholarships that you feel you qualify for.

Be sure to read the scholarship information to make sure you qualify; some scholarships require you to be a veteran, some may require you to be a member of a particular credit union, and others may require you to be studying a particular field such as science.

Some scholarships will require additional documentation as well, such as proof you filled out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or another essay.

If you have any questions, please visit the Financial Aid Office at CCA’s CentreTech office and the staff there can help you answer any questions or let you know what scholarships you may qualify for.

About the Author

Joe Florkowski is the web content specialist in CCA's Communications Department. He received his B.A. in communications - journalism from California State University, Fullerton in 2002 and his M.S. in leadership and management from the University of LaVerne in 2011. He has more than 15 years of experience as a writer and editor in a variety of print and online fields.