UPDATE: Announcement about CCA’s Health and Safety Protocols for the Spring 2022 Semester. Learn more about important vaccine and testing updates.

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Financial aid may seem difficult or hard to understand, but the good news is it doesn’t have to be!

Financial Aid 101 - a jar full of coins

The Community College of Aurora offers financial aid advising to help students answer tough questions about paying for college, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and get the answers they need to make important decisions about their futures.

Any student (or their parent) who wants to know more about CCA’s financial aid options should remember these six things:

1. Fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible.

James Brunt on a Breakouts poster

One word describes what James Brunt is all about — BIG. Brunt’s big personality is matched by his big dream to become a big-shot actor. And he’s accomplishing his dream. In 2019, he received the True West Award for Breakout Performance award by the Denver Center for Performing Arts.

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A construction site in Denver

When I travel out-of-state and I tell someone I’m from Denver, usually the first thing they mention is how much Denver has grown in the last few years. And it has! Denver County alone has grown nearly 20% since 2010, according to a Denver Post article published in April 2019.

And that number continues to grow! Businesses are starting, expanding, or moving to Denver, and with that means a boom in construction. 

Spring Transfer Fair

If transferring to a four-year institution is part of your educational path, it’s important to consider all the options that are available to you. There are times when we simply don’t know where to begin … that’s okay! 

The office of Transfer Success Initiatives will offer many opportunities through the spring 2020 semester for CCA students to connect with four-year institutions and learn more about the career opportunities available within their chosen path. 

Transfer Success’s first event of the semester is a pair of Transfer Fairs — one at the CentreTech campus and the other at the Lowry campus. 

Sean Mallary

Playwriters, directors, producers, actors, set designers, sounds designers, lighting designers, and many more people in a wide variety of roles are required to transform a theater stage into an extraordinary production and experience. Each role is vital for the curtains to go up opening night, especially lighting.

Lighting for a theater production isn’t as simple as flicking a light switch. Geometry, specialized software, and climbing 20 to 40 feet above ground to hang or move lights are often a big part of the job. Who would have guessed! You can’t have a fear of heights if you want to become a lighting designer.



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