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Brother 2 Brother Success Program

Student in a gown and cap, graduatingWhat Students Should Expect from Brother 2 Brother

Brother 2 Brother (B2B) is a scholar's enrichment program for male students at CCA. The program is intended to inspire, inform, connect, and empower male students to achieve by helping them develop a compass for success in life, school, and career to one day earn a college degree. 

Program Experience

Be Inspired: To discover your compass for success in life, school and career through a 1:1 relationship with your personal advisor. 

Be Informed: Receive assistance with registration and degree pathway counseling to complete college as fast as possible. B2B can assist with academic, career, and degree transfer planning. 

Be Connected: Meet and connect with vision-minded male peers and community, campus, professional and business leader mentors. 

Be Successful: Develop your personal leadership skills and build your self-esteem to achieve. Participate in networking and community-building excursions. 

B2B Student Expectations:

  • A commitment to a personal and group standard of excellence and integrity
  • Explore and clarify your degree and career aspirations 
  • Participate in opportunities for networking with fellow students, advisors, and community members 
  • Attend consistently scheduled advising sessions for registration, academic support, and college or career transfer planning

Signing up for Brother 2 Brother

Please contact Sherita Caraway at or 303-340-7557 to connect with the Brother 2 Brother program, or visit Room S101 in the Student Centre Building at the CentreTech Campus.

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