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CCA offers tailored training designed for your unique business needs on topics including management skills, leadership, diversity awareness, and English as a Second Language and more.  Following are examples of just some of the training we can provide. 

Training scope and pricing is driven by your needs. Call us and let’s discuss what we can do for you! 

Entry and Mid-Level Management Essentials:

When a high performing employee is promoted to a management position, a new set of expectations and responsibilities kick in.

Half of new managers are never trained; and thus, 60% of managers fail within the first 24 months.

With your company handbook, we outline both the rules and the unspoken behaviors of managers. Two and half-hour sessions include:

  • Communicate as a Manager to Strengthen Relationships
  • Engage Employees on Problem-Solving
  • Approach Your Upper Management with Confidence
  • Delegate to Keep Your Employees Engaged and Motivated
  • Set (With A Team) Performance Goals
  • Give Feedback That Feels Right
  • Identify and Coach Team Performance and Productivity
  • Involve  Teams in New Initiatives
  • Facilitate Complaint Resolution
  • Turn Bad Work Habits into Good Work Habits
  • Tackle Workplace Conflicts with Confidence
  • Paths and Stages of Employee Discipline

Diversity and Inclusion Training:

A workplace awareness training which hones workers’ cultural competencies. Training includes outlining responsibilities which value the contributions and interests of all employees. This includes understanding diverse cultural needs of customers.

On-the-Job English Proficiency for Employees:

Proficient workers who are ready for promotion but lack proficient English language skills slow your company growth. Our training uses your worksite vocabulary and company’s daily workplace routines to substantially strengthen their speaking and writing skills for the next level of responsibility.

Spanish for Construction Team Talk:

Construction supervisors and managers with workers who mostly speak Spanish often want to better communicate with them.  Our training uses your worksite vocabulary and company’s task lists to strengthen leadership’s basic communication skills. Why struggle to understand? Support your team, meet timeframes and deepen mutual communication.

For additional information, contact Janel Highfill, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Resource Development, at or 303-361-7362.  

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