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Disaster Management Institute

Today’s environment requires first responders, military personnel, and corporate emergency managers to plan and prepare for a wider, more complex array of potential threats. Multi-faceted and evolving threats demand strong strategic planning and continuous updates.

The Community College of Aurora’s Disaster Management Institute provides hands-on reality-based training to ensure key personnel understand their roles, know how to effectively communicate, and address emergency situations effectively and efficiently. The Disaster Management Institute offers emergency and contingency planning, training design and instructional expertise, as well as unique training space to address a variety of planning, immersive learning and realistic skill practice needs.

National Guard members prepare during training exercises at CCA's Lowry campus

Consulting/Training Expertise

• Continuity of Operations Plan development, review and consultation

• Exercise design and training document development, emphasizing immersive, reality-based, experiential learning compliant with Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) standards

• Technical expertise in defensive tactics, wound and field emergency care, casualty control and an array of other topics 


Simulation Equipment

• Human patient simulators

• Manikins with multiple moulage and clothing support options

• Simulated bombs and explosive devices in a variety of format and deployment scenarios 

Training Space

Emergency Operations Center: includes computers, large-scale projection screens,

touch table and mapping technology to mirror an advanced EOC set-up

Katrina Building: an unoccupied, three-story, 400-room, simunitions-friendly building

for room clearing, public personnel management, external courtyard access and related drills, including:

• Stairwells, hallways and individual lodging-type rooms

• Lower level lobby, large dining room and industrial kitchen

• Full internal courtyard

• Pre-set simulation sets including tornado-impacted building space, hoarder room, chemical and biological terror scenarios and more 

Simulation Studios: three major simulation training environments with preset scenarios including:

• Bar scene with single entrance/exit and balcony area

• Street scene with simulated environmental controls, confined space drill area and ambulance

• House scene with multiple rooms and ambulance

All indoor training spaces are supported with full, remote live feed and recording capabilities to facilitate training feedback and evaluation.

Grounds/Outdoor Spaces: primary training buildings are surrounded by open grounds, parking lots and lightly traveled, non-primary roads to create outdoor training scenes and to support helicopters, burning cars, simulated truck bombs and related scenarios

A major car accident is simulated during a training exercise at the Disaster Management Institute.

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