Facilities and Equipment

Police personnel go over a training simulation inside the Disaster Management Institute.

DMI facilities include a fully equipped Emergency Operations Center with computers, configurable screens, touch table technology, Web EOC platform, and a range of technology-independent provisions.  

The DMI also provides an unoccupied, partially furnished, three-story, 400 room training building. Simulation areas include stairwells, hallways, hotel/apartment type rooms, lobby, cafeteria, industrial kitchen, underground tunnels, and crawl spaces. Pre-set training spaces include natural disaster/bombing rubble and chemical and biological terror scenarios. The building is simunition-friendly and can be used to replicate a range of emergency environments and scenarios.

A person is worked on while armed guards stand watch during a simulation at the Disaster Management Institute.

Additional training facilities and resources include:

  • Hyper-realistic training environments in four-set stages with remote observation and recording, including a:
    • Bar
    • Streetscape with confined-space drill area
    • Courtroom
    • House scene with multiple rooms



A person is carried out on a stretcher during an exercise at the Disaster Management Institute.

  • Grounds/Outdoor Spaces, including large open fields, large parking lots and lightly traveled, non-primary roads to create outdoor training scenarios and to support use of helicopters, emergency vehicles, burning cars, simulated truck bombs and related scenarios
  • Supplemental, specialized equipment:
    • Human patient simulators
    • Live role players
    • Simulated bombs and explosive devices Hollywood grade smoke machine and emergency lighting
    • Laboratories for chemical and biological training
    • Medical training supplies
    • Hyper-realistic moulage with bleeding systems simunition compliant Glock 9mm weapons and personal protective equipment

Emergency personnel and firefighters tend to victims during a simulation outside of the Disaster Management Institute.

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