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2015-2016 Academic Catalog

Advising and Registration


Academic Advisors are available to guide students in choosing the right degree or certificate program. Advisors also assist students in selecting the appropriate courses for their degree or certificate program, and/or for transfer to 4-year institutions. Advising services are provided on a walk-in basis and by appointment, CTC Monday-Thursday, 8:00AM-5:30PM, and Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM and Lowry Student Services Monday-Thursday, 8:30AM-5:00PM, and Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM. Appointments can be scheduled by accessing the following link: Additional information is available in the Advising Department, CentreTech Campus, Administration Building, Room A106, 303-360-4797, and at the Student Services office, Lowry Campus, West Quad, Room 119, 303-340-7093, or online at

New Student Advising

All new students who have never attended college are required to meet with an academic advisor as part of the new student orientation. New student orientation will provide students with information about academic programs, and certificates and degree options. Students will also receive information and assistance needed to select and enroll in appropriate coursework, receive assistance with creating class schedules, and learn how to register for classes.

Continuing Student Advising

It is highly recommended that all continuing students meet with an advisor periodically as they progress through their educational programs. Advisors will help ensure students stay on track to achieve their educational goals. F-1 Visa students must meet with the International Student Advisor every semester prior to registration. Failure to do so may result in termination of their I-20.

On-line Advising

Students can email the online advisor at using their college assigned e-mail account. Replies are provided by the next business day or before.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Students who are enrolling in coursework for a job upgrade or personal development are also encouraged to contact an advisor prior to registration.

Financial Aid Student Advising

All students receiving financial aid should contact an advisor prior to registering for classes to ensure satisfactory progress toward degree or certificate objectives. Financial Aid pays only for coursework that applies directly to a degree or certificate.

Assessment/Course Placement

The college assists students with course and educational program decisions through assessment and advising. Native English speakers take the approved assessment test to determine their current academic skills in reading, mathematics, and English. Non-native English speakers take the LOEP test to determine their level of English language proficiency. Advisors develop educational plans to enhance student success using assessment results.

Assessment is part of the advising process and educational planning and is available at both the CentreTech Campus and Lowry Campus. Students should plan to spend approximately 2 hours taking the assessment (the LOEP test may require additional time). Information concerning pre-assessment workshops, study guides, and video tutorials are available online at or call 303-360-4948.

Students Intending to Transfer

Students who are interested in transferring to a four-year college or university should familiarize themselves with the requirements of the institution to which they will transfer. Since graduation requirements vary among institutions, it is important to obtain assistance from a CCA academic advisor when planning a transferable program of study.

Transfer information is available on the web, in the Admissions, Registration and Records office, CentreTech Campus, Administration Building, Room A102, and in the Student Services office, Lowry Campus, West Quad, Room 119, or online at

CCA hosts a transfer fair during both the spring and fall semesters. Other colleges and universities come on campus to answer questions our students may have about their programs or admissions requirements. Students are encouraged to attend one of these fairs to find out about their options at various colleges and universities.


CCA publishes a schedule of course offerings each semester and makes it available online. The schedule indicates procedures, registration dates, and tuition fees. All students will register online using a student ID number and PIN. Instructions are available online in the schedule of classes.

Late Registration

To promote student success, CCA strongly recommends that students plan in advance for the courses in which they enroll. After classes start, registration is discouraged and may require approval from the Dean. Students are encouraged to register well before the start of classes as indicated in the semester class schedule. For further information, call Admissions, Registration and Records at 303-360-4797.

Schedule Changes

Students may change their schedules (add/drop) after they have registered. Below are the general policies related to change of schedule:

  1. The drop period extends from the beginning of registration through the refund date published in the Schedule of Classes. Students may add classes through the start of the semester. After the semester begins, registration is discouraged and may require approval from the Dean. See the Admissions, Registration and Records Office, CentreTech Campus, Administration Building, Room A102, or the Student Services office, Lowry Campus, West Quad, Room 119 for deadlines on classes that are not semester long.
  2. Students will be assessed additional tuition and fees if credit hours added exceed hours dropped.
  3. Students may add/drop through registration online, in the Admissions, Registration and Records Office, CentreTech Campus, Administration Building, Room A102, or in the Student Services office, Lowry Campus, West Quad, Room 119.

Student Load/Credit Hours

Credit hours are awarded on a semester basis. A student can complete a degree program in four semesters by successfully completing 15 credit hours of required coursework each semester. A student may choose, due to personal circumstances, to extend completion time. The following is a guide for all semesters used for tuition and financial aid purposes:


12+ credit hours

Three-quarter time

9-11 credit hours


6-8 credit hours

Students receiving benefits through Veterans Affairs should contact Military & Veteran Services for information regarding the VA calculation of their course load.

Credit Hour Overload

Students may be allowed to register for more than 18 credit hours for the fall and spring semester and 15 credit hours for the summer semester if they have approval from an academic advisor; this is dependent upon a GPA of 3.25 and evidence that the student can succeed.

Drop for No-Show

Although it is ultimately the responsibility of a student to drop a class that they do not plan to attend, CCA faculty members may report students who have not attended or submitted course assignments (exams, discussions, assignments, etc) as a "No Show" which will cause the student to be dropped from the class for the semester. To avoid being dropped, please plan to attend the early sessions of your class(es) and ensure that you meet all assignment deadlines.

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