Community College of Aurora

2015-2016 Academic Catalog

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Applications

Students who expect to complete their degree or certificate requirements and be eligible for graduation at the end of a semester must apply for graduation the semester before graduation is anticipated. This early application allows CCA’s Credentials Evaluator to review their records and ensure that students register for the appropriate courses in their final semester. Application deadlines are shown below:

Planning to graduate at the end of:

Application Priority Deadline*:

Final Submission Deadline**:


December 1

April 1


April 1

July 1


July 1

November 1

* - Applications submitted by the Priority Deadline will be reviewed before the start of your final semester. CCA will contact you to advise you of any changes required to your final semester schedule to ensure completion of all graduation requirements in the application term.

** - Applications received by the Final Submission Deadline will ensure that you are included in the commencement ceremony program and your application will be processed in the order received.

Applications received after the Final Submission Deadline will be processed with the next semester's graduating class. Spring applications received after the Final Submission Deadline will not be included in the commencement ceremony program.

The Graduation Application is available on the Student Tab of MyCCA in the "Steps to Graduate" section. Prior to the graduation application deadline, students should do the following:

  • Verify that they are currently in the correct degree or certificate program
  • Review their Degree Works audit to ensure that they have registered for the appropriate final semester courses
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss any questions or concerns about final semester courses
  • Complete the Application for Graduation

Applications received after the deadline may not be evaluated prior to the start of one’s final semester and could result in omission from the official program at the commencement ceremony.

Degree and Certificate Policies

  1. Students enrolling at the Community College of Aurora will follow the provisions of the catalog in use at the time of admission. When students interrupt their continuous attendance at CCA for three consecutive terms, or change their degree or certificate program, they will become subject to the provisions of the catalog current with their next enrollment.
  2. Students should complete the course requirements as prescribed by the specific degree or certificate program.
  3. Students must maintain a required grade point average of 2.0 (C) in all credit counted toward a degree or certificate.
  4. For A.A.S. degrees and certificates, students should earn at least a C in all courses in the area of study (eg students working on a program in business must earn a C or higher in all business related coursework). D grades in general education coursework may allow graduation, but likely will not transfer to other institutions.
  5. As of May 29, 2012 (summer semester 2012), "D" grades earned will not be applicable to A.A., A.S., and A.G.S. degrees at CCA.
  6. Degree seeking students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 15 credit hours at CCA to be eligible for graduation. For certificates, at least 25% of the credits must be completed at CCA. CCCOnline courses with registrations through CCA are considered CCA courses and do fulfill this requirement..
  7. To obtain a second degree from CCA, a student must meet all program requirements as well as complete 15 additional semester hours at CCA.
  8. The college reserves the right to substitute or delete course work requirements based on current curriculum. Students are assured that if the curriculum does change, the college will make every effort to determine an equitable solution.
  9. No more than six semester hours of special topics may be applied to any associate degree program.
  10. No more than six semester hours of independent study courses may be applied to any program.
  11. No more than six semester hours of directed study courses may be applied to any associate degree program.
  12. Courses numbered 100 and above apply to degrees (MAT 106 is an exception).
  13. Credit for Prior Learning will apply toward degree requirements, but not toward residency requirements.

Graduation Requirement Appeals

Students should initiate appeals regarding completion of graduation requirements within 60 calendar days after the decision was rendered. To submit an appeal, the student should contact the CCA Credentials Evaluator in writing. The Credentials Evaluator will work with the Registrar, student, Department Chair and Division Dean as appropriate. The Office of the Registrar will respond in writing within 15 days.

Automatic Graduation

Students should submit graduation applications by the published deadlines to ensure that they are evaluated and graduated in the correct semester, but in some circumstances, the college may automatically graduate students from programs as they are completed without an application. Students who are automatically graduated are notified by mail of their graduation status.

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