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Mariyah Pickett

My life wasn’t exactly organized or planned out, until I started at the Community College of Aurora. With the help of an amazing advisor, the Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI), and scholarships, my life is finally on track. 

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Arabella Orozco at her CCA graduation

Arabella Orozco grew up speaking Spanish. It was the only language she knew when she immigrated to Denver, Colorado from Havana, Cuba with her family in the early 80s. Only knowing Spanish made school difficult.

When I was seven years old, I sat in the back of the classroom all by myself because I didn’t speak English. My aunt created notecards with translations from Spanish to English, so I could communicate with my teachers and classmates but it didn’t really help," Orozco said.

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Before you book that summer vacation, stop for a second. Now, think seriously about summer school at CCA. On April 1, you can sign up for summer classes at CCA. The summer class schedule is online now so you can find out what classes are being offered. Now that we've got you thinking about summer school, here are some reasons why summer classes might be a good idea:


CCA Mobile App Icon

The CCA Mobile App is now available.

If you are a CCA student with a little extra space on your phone, the CCA Mobile app can make things a lot easier for you.

Available on Android and iOS, the CCA Mobile app was developed to make finding important student information such as grades, class schedules, and phone numbers more navigable for CCA students.

And since the app only requires 20 MB of space, you should be able to fit it on your phone next to Snapchat, Spotify, and Facebook. (You can actually use the CCA Mobile app to replace Facebook – but more on that later.)

The app is simple to use and very easy to understand with a menu bar that is easy to understand and figure out. You shouldn't have any problems with the app since it is straightforward and minimal.

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Pencil and clipboardFall registration is here! But before you register for fall classes, here are some helpful tips that the Admissions and Records Department and the Center for Outreach Recruitment would like you to keep in mind:

Woman with illustrated question marks over her headSo you think you're ready to transfer after graduation? Are you sure? Take a moment to think about which four-year college you want to attend because you need to consider some important things such as finances, schedules, and what you plan to study. We can help. The Community College of Aurora has resources and information ready to help you make your transfer decision easier. Before you plan your transfer, think about these seven questions:

  1. What are your passions?

What is it that you like to do or you think you would like to do? Before you consider transferring, make sure that the path or field you are studying is the right one for you.

Students looking at the cameraIs this your first week at CCA? Feeling overwhelmed? Unsure about where to go or who to talk to? You're not alone; many of your CCA peers have been where you are before. Fortunately, they are willing to help you figure out what to do and where to go. Read below for 20 tips and tricks veteran CCA students suggest for new students on how to navigate your way around and how to succeed and realize your potential here:

Jonski Ortiz has attended CCA since 2014 and is a work-study student in the Financial Aid Office. What's her advice? “Try to meet people. Try to sit in the front of the class." "Definitely use your resources; try to be involved in campus.”        

Josh Morgan has attended CCA since spring 2014. What's his advice? “Talk to your professors to see what you can do to improve your work." "Carpool if needed and also take public transportation; it can be hectic to get to school on time." "I would recommend going to the tutoring lab.”    

JustinTaylorModelUN484X252During spring semester, a March blizzard crippled Denver for a couple of days, and when I got the notification that CCA cancelled classes for the day, I laughed. I was wearing a full suit, sitting at a table in New York City with students from all around the world, hard at work. Before us were two very similar papers, each the product of several days' worth of work, and we were attempting to merge them together in less than two. Denver slept under a blanket of snow, and I was already one Red Bull down at 8 a.m. It was going to be a long, rewarding day.

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