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El Community College de Aurora (CCA) tendrá su evento Camino al Colegio el miércoles 6 de noviembre donde se enfocarán en ayudar y apoyar a padres y estudiantes en su trayectoria universitaria.

Este evento será completamente en español y se enfocara en dar información sobre CCA, los títulos y certificados, ayuda financiera, y los servicios disponibles para estudiantes que se edifican como DACA o DREAMer. ¡A esos estudiantes que asistan tendrán la oportunidad de obtener una beca de $500!

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American Flag and Constitution Graphics During Constitution Week, CCA students can watch the movie, “The Campaign”, a comedy about two candidates running for the same office who will say or do anything to get elected. Sound familiar? The CCA screening of “The Campaign” on Tuesday, September 13 is one of two events CCA will host during Constitution Week to celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution. This year, CCA has added more events to help students better understand the Constitution, how it relates to their lives, and make it more accessible to them. Constitution Week at CCA has traditionally featured a citizenship bowl that tested students on questions from the U.S. Citizenship exam to celebrate Constitution Day, which celebrates the signing of the Constitution in Sept. 17, 1787 by Congressional delegates from 12 states. (Here's a test: Which state did not sign the Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787?)  

Graphic image of a plane flying over Denver International AirportWant a job? The CCA Spring 2016 Career Expo is the place to start! The event, held in the West Quad Building of the Lowry Campus on Wednesday, April 20, will feature more than 70 employers. Many local and national employers, including FedEx, King Soopers, Southwest Airlines, and more, will send recruiters to this event and they are looking for qualified, polished, professional applicants. Here's how you can be one of those applicants.There are many steps that you can take when meeting with potential employers, and the key is the first impression you make, says Laura Grannan, industry relations coordinator with CCA's Career Services Department. Consider these six tips that can help you get the job – starting with the most important tip:

Sherlin Lecture: Pluto ImageWe were all in the dark about Pluto.

For the nearly 75 years since its discovery, Pluto was a mystery, mainly because of its distance – between 2.66 billion and 4.67 billion miles from Earth. That distance prevented us from discovering more about Pluto; in 1994, the best image we could get from the Hubble telescope was a pixelated blur.

Community College of Aurora's March 18 Sherlin Lecture, “New Views of Pluto & Its Moons” allowed CCA students, interested community members, and others to discover new things about Pluto – some of which were hypothesized and others we had no idea about. A July fly-by of the New Horizons space probe answered many questions we had about the dwarf planet – and spurred a great deal more.

Making her second appearance at CCA, NASA scientist Kimberly Ennico-Smith presented about what the space agency discovered last summer with New Horizons. Ennico-Smith previously spoke at CCA in April 2014 for the Sherlin Lecture “To Pluto and Beyond.”

Hands waving various international flags What is your favorite dish from your homeland? Or your parents' homeland? For me, it's golumpki – a Polish dish that my parents learned to make from my grandparents, who learned to make it from their parents. Golumpki is soft-boiled cabbage stuffed with rice and meat and served with tomato sauce. Golumpki is one of my last cultural ties to a Polish ancestry that – as I get older – I continue to lose touch with. As a fourth generation U.S. citizen, my cultural relationship with Poland has diminished as my family members, who may have once spoken Polish or told me more about our family's journey to America, have passed away. However, while some of my family's Polish ancestry may be lost to time, the food remains – and remains delicious.

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healthcare, people, charity and medicine concept - close up of wDid you know that one in eight U.S. women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime? (Men can also get breast cancer, but in smaller numbers). This shocking statistic tells us that the disease, in some way or another, will affect most people. Though many are aware of this widespread form of cancer that touches so many, there is still a long way to go to ensure that people will get exams and receive the treatment they need. This is where October comes in. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is obvious as many buildings, household products and even football players are draped in pink. National attention to breast cancer detection and treatment is still an important cause, and there are many ways to participate beyond simply wearing pink (but that helps too). Check out some of the best ways to get involved in Colorado.

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studentclubblog-imageOne of the best things about being a college student is all of the new opportunities you are afforded. Beyond the classroom there are many ways for a student to realize their full potential, and joining a student club is one of the best ways to get involved on campus. There are many reasons why joining a student club is beneficial, both personally and professionally. What areas of your life do you want to improve?

Make new friends and connections Once you graduate and move into a professional field, networking will be essential in both job growth and reach. This is true of almost any area. Joining a club gives you the opportunity to not only make some new, like-minded friends, but also stretch your networking muscles.

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